Boomers thread ~Relive old memories~


Tell tales of old stories back in the days of your realm career. What items used to be the best of the best for you at the time? Relive old memories or not I just had the idea when I saw a skysplitter and remembered when those were expensive. Post pictures of your best char that has passed away. Say what your favorite item was.

Generations of Rotmg players



I just randomly found some old price guide and apparently 2 ogmurs was worth a dbow. Really???


just saw you died again :c


Hey hey hey… Remember when you had to message Mr Realmeye every few runs to see how much to max?

Oh, here’s an earlier one! The days when Abyss of Demons was the main source of Def! And dropped from Medusa!




I remember that and I was so confused why that existed.


I remember back when O2 was the only source of T12 weapons and T13 armors


I remember when cursed library came out and I got my first white I’m not a boomer okay?


Boomer memories… back when t8 weapons were worth 1 speed pot each


For me it was when we had 50 gold at start and the t8 staff was 49g so i kept a collection of t8 staves in case i might die.
Also tomb was the “end game” dungeon and having a pyra was being a god amongst men.


I remember making a kabam account then them switching to deca then trying to find realm on kabam again but then sad due to losing a couple life worth of items.


I can’t believe I was actually good enough to complete an OT and get a ctrap back in those days lmao

Also, I went through a phase where I thought def rings were better than hp rings. 41 def knight unpotted OP

And last but not least, my first WC top! My brother and I still wonder how I managed to survive o1 and get SB on o2


i remember when people would try to get others killed and then loot their grave


That abyss stuff shouldn’t be boomer material… but it is.


I miss T9-12 wepaons having a potion selling value…
When T-rooms were a rare occurrence and not every dungeon had one
And I miss when ST’s weren’t in the game


Buying tomb keys for 3L and running them with your guild


The old leviathan sprite.


Drop party in 10…9…


this one