Boomers thread ~Relive old memories~


A pet from before pets had abilities. Was only sold in the nexus in 2012 as far as im aware (and as far as the realmeye wiki is aware.)

It was the only pet that actually did anything other then follow you around. It’ll lead you towards beer gods and summon them without needing enough people there. It still works, but it can’t follow you through portals (like a valentine), and there’s no way to get one anymore.

I don’t know anyone else that has one, but im sure im not the only one. I imagine quite a few got fed given the 1k feed power.


Heheheh I will buy it for 2 valentine eggs :slight_smile:

jk but cool fact I never knew about


I still have some from when they gave everyone 5 for free. No idea when I got rid of the other 2, but hey. They sit in my chest of old unobtainable stuff.


(peppermint snail, demon frog, and robobuddy eggs. I really wish I had a full set of all of them, but I didn’t start collecting until about before I quit for many years.)


Store this item in your Vault to avoid losing it!


I just realised it doesn’t have a soulbound tag. Can you trade it?


It’s soulbound, always has been. Even if I could trade it, I wouldn’t.


The soulbound tag is the first thing that shows up after the name on unity


Better drop rates and a much lower frequency is the way for events


This old work of fanfiction on the wildshadow forums is something I had to go and find again because I could not remember who made it.

Definitely some memories there for me.


I read it when it still was on the wiki.

Now i have no clue where the fan art section went…


Remember when doing O2 you typically only have like 15 people, and then once you get to his chamber you would TAKE TURNS getting soulbound.

Also people coming out to nexus to declare that realms were closing and WC was going to be ran.


My oldest memory was joining the game 7 days too late to get the 2017 champion thing



rubell used to be good :thinking:


Ah , Yes.


Any idea wy the eggs are like that? The items cam still be viewed if you hover over it with a cursor




I took this in 2011 when I was a noob. Notice the F on the minimap!


Make it ur pfp


When t9 Armor was worth something :o