Boomers thread ~Relive old memories~


When you kept a vit ring swap because there were no pets


Cosmetic pets:


Omg is that nevov i thought u were nevov? Are u nevov’s alt?


Two things I’m currently unable to find. If anyone can find the source I will be very grateful.

  1. A gif (someone’s signature) rotating through all of the themed sets (UTs) in their respective drop locations. Each had a chat bubble above them that said “I’m amazing!” except for the snake pit set where a knight said “I’m…confused.”

  2. The old epic dungeons concepts made by someone who I am unable to recall. Did snake pit/ abyss/ udl and proceeded to independent projects. (Update: DoctorCheerio)

And some more:

  • The feeling after getting a DBow and knowing that you would easily have a maxed character
  • Small guild-only private servers and many large ones that have been lost to time.
  • Exploring the “new” forbidden jungle for the first time.
  • Neo’s old ppes (looking back they pale in comparison to the 100%s we see today)
  • Getting transported to Oryx’s chamber and dying on a level 8 warrior (there was no castle back then)
  • A year’s worth of wizard “ppes” because I was poor.
  • Getting a bulwark and dying with it in my inventory so my friend didn’t believe me when I told him
  • The old ice cave and leech pad (not that old)
  • DECA first taking over, the Ring of Decades and surrounding controversy
  • Introduction of the Arena
  • The alchemist; a surge of players looking for t7/8/9 weapons. I remember some of the t9s went up to a life.
  • The nexus no miko fame box (still mad I didn’t get it)

I’ll update if I can think of any more.


This one I know. You are searching for:


Today is the day my account turns 2, so I should recall some tales from some times ago. I remember back in the days, probably either Kabam or Wild Shadow & Spyr Fox era, I think it was Wild Shadow & Spyr, I was 5 or 6 when I discovered ROTMG, I didn’t know how to play ROTMG sadly, I didn’t know about permadeath. I remember vividly listening to the Sonic Colors theme when running through the Nexus, I eventually forgot about ROTMG until 2018 when I was 12 where I rediscovered it on steam and played it for a little bit then quit, in end of April 2020 when I was 14 (still am!) I decided to play ROTMG and I somehow got hooked, I didn’t know there was a resurgence.


What changed you from a wholesome boi to… whatever you were before you left?


life ig


Defense only lowers damage by 1? What does Vitality do? Are WisMod classes just ones with a lot of Wis? You have to drink FORTY of these to max a stat?


i remember trading cbow for jugg when we had the last ever UT trade weekend :slight_smile:


Dang, so you scammed a poor kid?


Would have been considered an ok trade back then. In the price guide on the WS forum both were rated as ~8 life.


People sure did love their archers. I remember the first fame boards seemed always to be higher for archer and wizard than the rest.


This video brings back so many good memories!


In my day, when you wanted to farm speed, you had to run around the highlands searching for Lizard Gods.


My second death

“What? You can’t get gold?”


I’m curious about that logic.


I bought a dye and then immediately my brother’s friend was like “you can’t get more gold without paying irl money don’t do that”

And then I immediately died to a scorpion


Just buy a t8 staff smh.


When you could draw sprites and see what other players made!