Boomers thread ~Relive old memories~


Back when Oryx had a well deserved break.


RotMG Loot Table in October 2012




If you played during that time, people would pay for the wine cellar pop. Items were also worth much more. This meant that the winc in the white bag made sense at the time, since a guild could run O2 together and get several tops as drops - effectively multiplying their initial investment.


i miss when ammys were good and revived you. also that oldschool nexus look was fun


yall like my set?






You remember when blue skulls wouldn’t automatically despawn and they would sometimes terrorize you when leveling in midlands?


Road trains


More of these old screenshots please! You seem to have quite a few tucked away you are posting today and it is giving me the best of nostalgia! Fame train on the pathways… holy smokes. Seriously, I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this picture.


Bear swords being used in Nexus

Cake in Nexus!!!1!!!1! + Clegs =)


Bots in Nexus

Ammy Wizard in Beachzone

Old Nexus + Ammy Mystic

Using Skype before Discord existed + my ‘tombing rogue’

I’m glad you enjoyed my screenshots! I dug up some more =)


Swordsworth/Bulwark were the necessities for cracking rock crystals… good times…?


Cake :pensive:


I thought there was some trick to hit them normally by aiming at the top right corner or so



anyone remember when the admin sword leak happend? you could get any item for 5gold and people started instapopping oryx


Top Players by Fame: September 2012

This was before Realmeye was introduced, the stats were from a site named desucraft.


Wow. This thread was a fun one to go through. I can’t believe I recognize so many of these references! Of course, there’s a handful of you who predate me on this particular thread, but I didn’t realize that some of you were so new! :open_mouth:

I’m tired right now, but I might come up with a couple memories myself! I just wish I had pictures/videos…


… when condu was a reasonable wand (screen made in July 2014)


First maxed rogue with Henez set. Every single pot was farmed from goodlands on 0/8 ‘potfarmer’ necros and wizards on my alt. Felt so sad when I died, even though I had saved up a ‘rainy day fund’ of 8 def pots, as someone recommended on wildshadow forums.