Boomers thread ~Relive old memories~


Anyone remember nexus drop parties?

Miss when someone said dropping life/wc top etc. And everyone came flocking like seagulls, especially in oryx’s chamber and wc.

I was definitely one of those seagulls


Those drove me nuts most of the time, but there were a few that were so over the top it made me laugh!

I mostly hated that mechanic because I had to go to my vault whenever I needed to swap my inventory around (to/from backpac) by dropping things on the ground, unless I wanted to risk them being auto-looted. I actually witnessed a couple of hackers teleport to my loot and back to their position in the blink of an eye a couple times… ah, fun memories of being more of a noob.


Idk if this existed back then or if you already know this, but Ctrl click item or drag it over the backpack/main inventory icon


Oh, there’s more that one shortcut nowadays, and I’ve appreciated them since. It’s just my silly experiences from back then. I also managed to see my way through most of the old myths, but the one that took me the longest time to prove was whether or not killing the “children” healed Nikao lel

That’s not even that old


When good loot was being dropped (griffs, those were expensive!) and you saw it on the ground for a split second :sweat_smile: and you stayed in case someone dropped cdirk. There used to be a scam where they would lie pretending they’re a duper, then get you to fill up your inventory and double click on a low tier ring so they could steal your ammy once it swapped.


When getting red glow was actually feasible if you went a long time without dying


@Nevov stalk? :eyes:


nevov is dead.


I killed him to assume his form.


Always love your old screenshots, this is awesome to see. I have a lot of good memories of early realm, but no screenshots to back them up. Yours always give me a huge hit of nostalgia.

@Maximov absolute chad making top 10 with no ring.


I took this at the time because I thought it was a modern scene that felt nostalgic. Now everything about it is nostalgic. 2013!??!? How am I still playing this game lol.

There used to be an exploit that let you spam your ability by disconnecting and reconnecting your internet.

Taco Quests

Starting a meme guild.



This thread makes me wish I had my old realm clips I recorded from when the game looked like it ran at 15 fps - unfortunately that computer died so hard that absolutely no files were recoverable.



Dang, that looks ancient!
No colored names, O1 prior to Spry Fox making him more of a fight, fully public looting…jeez.
Really puts into perspective how far we’ve come.



Oh yeah, that’s the video where he had nearly the same piano model as we own (one of our two, anyway)! I remember getting a kick out of that almost purely for that reason when I first saw it years ago, even if it’s a version older.

Ours (soon to be mine :3 ):


(Not my video) when crystals took ages to crack, especially rock crystals!


Rock Crystals could be entertaining sometimes, but… o.o

Edit: Lel, now that I actually watched it, those kinds of conversations that were having you don’t see as much anymore. Hilarious though :joy:


Random person: Nice projectile no clip Shatter


Liinkii’s epic abyss drag videos > all