Boomers thread ~Relive old memories~


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Another great addition to this thread:




I remember when the forum was dead for 2 days.


psssssttttt… players who dying on this accident get their chars back plus some char slots


This is a more complete documentation since it shows everything leading up to the massacre.


I’ll add this as well since it’s pretty far back event now. My trickster got murdered and I lost my prism collection but the worst thing was I had told my friend to go in with me and he lost his top 100 ranked archer as a result. The feels.





Yall remember that poor man standard knight set? Archon sword, gshield, veng, and para hp = 4 def


I remember when getting dsoul was good

I remember when I said dsoul before

First time I said in awhile




Or how about no leviathan at all!
(it was a later addition to the godlands arriving at the same time as Sphinx/Tomb were added to the game.)
Memories of hearing “it’s too tough for 0/8 to fight” complaints.

I’ll try and pull one out of the memory that I’ve not seen mentioned before on RE forum:

Djinn used to have a chat line, sorta matched well with the creepy zoning in on the player movement it does.
<Djinn> I come for you, my master

Not sure when the vow of silence started.


I joined in August of 2015.

Reading this threw me for a bit of a nostalgia trip. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m a little choked up reading it now. Not entirely because of realm, but because, well, that period literally lines up with my life. When realm was quiet and stable, my life was. I was 15, times were simpler. So, get ready for a little bit of me waxing poetic.

I very fondly remember farming sprite worlds on a shitty wizard for hours and hours, going back to the trading server and making a cute little ASCII sign with the words: “Ye Olde Potte Shoppe, selling (insert whatever potions I had) since 1242”. I slowly maxed my wizard that way. I was satisfied with it.

I remember trading def pots for each of those items. I even remember the exact day I got that expo. It was about 4:00, almost dinnertime. I was farming labs and sprites with @OpticFiber, one of my old realm pals. It was my first significant UT drop. I remember being elated and having to log off for dinner shortly afterwords. Dinner was spaghetti. I made the garlic bread, as usual. I bragged to my mom, “it’s crazy, I literally got the best ring in the game for a wizard”. She was happy I was happy.

Years later, and literally thousands of dollars later, I have yet to capture the emotional intensity of that memory. I don’t think I ever will, with realm, at least. Throwing money at this cluttered, frenetically money hungry version of my favorite childhood game has brought me no joy. I’ve finally given up trying to recreate the times I remember so well. Yeah, it makes me really sad. I do hope Unity works out and the game is given new life. But I probably won’t be playing. I don’t want to try and make the memories again. I’ll let them be.


Uncle fraski died.

10 points for anyone who gets that reference



Remember when frost bow was really good to have. Good times.


tablet @ lvl 6 lul


Its actually fraski


Ah, my bad. Edited the post.