Boomers thread ~Relive old memories~


I remember when pet size depended on the pet skin. Rare pets were zooming around as large as divine pets.



fuck this hit hard


Remember when people had to search for the monsters in ice cave while people stay at the “leech pad” or “snow pad”.


I’m glad that was changed.


You forgot its other name


I remember sometimes dragging one minion into the bit that the group had already cleared, to see how long it took them to find. :smiling_imp:


I never knew Nevov had an evil side o.O

Remember when everything was SB for a period and I was so sad couldn’t pick up horror staves…


Oh god, I remember always checking my map to see where I have been. That would have been horrible. Then again I gave up clearing once people went into the portal before I could tp.


There are a lot of things like remember when people leeched black dragon the whole time. Or stayed in cland boss room. Remember when there was only a few st sets. And they were tradable. So many things that used to be bad changed.


I remember when you could drop things in front of the puppet boss and make him stop before he reached his set position.


Oh I used to have fun doing this ‘bagging’ in old Ivory Lod too. Done well you could keep wyvern at the top for the final phase so in combo with Fulmi and St Abe’s any newbies in there with me in the old days could get a very safe time of it. “Stay on the sand and you’ll be safe.” :smiley:

Or, on the evil side, a bag timed well during the very start of Ivory would make the wyvern stationary in the first phase and massively increase the likelihood of pushing it into ‘buffed’ Ivory where the mirror wyverns remained, because everyone could pile their DPS onto the static wyvern. Heh heh heh.

…ah yeah all that was in the mix of why I enjoyed old Lod so much, solo ones no problem for any decent class with right gear to fully complete, and ones in a bigger party could bring out some of the tricks if feeling like it… well, at least before the awful HP scaling was added because in there it really did kick the active participants/non-leechers in the teeth.

Okay that turned a bit too quickly into an “I <3 Old Lod”. Sorry!
I do like the new Lod, only I did love the old one for all the reasons.


I remember the greatest WLAB event back in July 2018. I got 30 skins over the course of the event.


I remember dropping 19 lbows and wakis duri the first prismmimic event and not getting one since (:


I remember when the decaract was extremely strong and would instakill you.

I kinda miss it though.


It still can if you don’t pay attention


Yeah, good thing that’s no longer the case, right?


My poor, poor ninja…




The nostolgia of struggling to get to level 20 with dying


The opinion of the forum was quite favourable too, for that event (event forum topic: link), it dropped the Monarch butterfly pet skin, if that helps anyone recall which event it was. I remember seeing loads of players with that pet afterwards.

The forum rated the event as:


I remember when max potion candies had a feedpower of 2000.

I remember when surfer bro pet skin has a feedpower of 5000.