Boomers thread ~Relive old memories~


I remember saving my candies so I could feed them to my newly-legendary pet when I had the fame. Then DECA nerfed the fp right before I could feed them and I got rather peeved.


Heh I fed them an hour before they changed. I told my friend “Feed your candies they are much worth doing that instead” 1 hour later “Why did you want me to feed them? They are only 500 feed” “I swear it was 2000 just an hour ago”


I haven’t used any they have given out. Only ones I got as drops.


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Quick question:

Who remembers drop parties? and worrying about not dropping your items on accident because someone might take it (I.e. Acclaim)

Only Veterans will remember most likely.

  • I remember and I miss those days
  • I remember, but I didn’t really like those days
  • What’s that?
  • Vietnam Flashbacks

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Vietnam flashbacks



I thought you said you didn’t know what this was.



Whoops, gotta go! Byeeeeeee!!!


Imagine accidentally dropping jugg in nexus. Autoloot must have been realll popular hacked client future way back when


When you realize we can’t teleport in Nexus anymore because of autolooting drop stealin bots


“Dropping Acclaim” Drops random t1 stuff xD


Ah, I was only really active back when trading was already a thing, I beelieve.
But, yes, back when all that was non-soulbound dropped in public bags…


Is this actually a “back in the day” question? Am I supposed to feel old now, since I remember when this was a thing?


I remember stealing people t12 sword back in the day, thoses were the ultimate laff at the time


I remember watching a acclaim go onto the ground for a second then someone pick it up and someone yelling I dropped my acclaim please give it back

and yes the good trading days where ubhps were like 6 life everything was cheap. legit traded up from a roc armor to covert, elverish, hydra, and ubhp. My greatest achievement. Before I learned about how you’re supposed to drink pots to max a stat.


Man those were the good old days. I remember some people would gather everyone up in the realm or nexus, then run around dropping loot. I never got anything but it was still fun.


lol it says last reply was 25 days ago who knew it worked like that. I mean maybe the mods knew, but I guess now I know.

Time travel!


anybody remember that guy who died in nexus? (pre-swatsec)


Hold up, how did that happen?


if i remember correctly, when zbornox spawned an o2 at portals. i have an acquaintance in wutang i can ask to make sure


bump dis :wink: