Boomers thread ~Relive old memories~


No need to go through that trouble. Admin spawning stuff in nexus causing a death makes sense.


Better question: Anyone remember that version of windows?


I just remembered my grandma still has a computer older than that version of windows.


I think I could find my old brick that has '98 on it somewhere. Makes me want to play some Age of Empires II.


This isn’t too boomer but remember when event dungeon drops weren’t guaranteed?

I haven’t heard “nomb” or “natters” in quite a while


damn, yeah. interesting how things change


For sure. The ones I find most surprising are the small changes, like guaranteed dungeon drops. We took it for granted that drops weren’t guaranteed before, that got changed, and after appreciating it for a short while we take it for granted that drops are guaranteed now.

I think those small unnoticed things are what make people feel most boomer. A few other ones I thought of (even though for some reason the “natters” example is still most poignant to me):

  1. Remember when Oryx would say the words “Grand Sphinx” or “Hermit God” and 20 8/8 warriors would appear in the realm 15 seconds later?

  2. Remember when people would have little intro messages before they popped WCs?

  3. Remember when doing a dungeon like the puppet when there was one Lich left was super stressful because you thought you were gonna die to Oryx lag?

  4. Remember when that snowman skin Ogmur knight who’s on the death leaderboards now was unnamed? The default name he had was “Itani” I think.

  5. Remember when constructs just wouldn’t shut up? :smiley:

This isn’t in the same small change type of vein as all the other ones have been as it was a big event, but does anyone remember when the Ivory and Olive Gladiator skins were released? There was so much hype around them and around the arena, and people who had the skins just hung around in the nexus.

Just thinking about all these things, which weren’t even that long ago, feels kind of crazy. I wonder how it feels for guys like Doc to see stuff like this:


this was my highest fame character for more than a year, made this character 2 months after i first created this account.

my first maxed char, i remember dying and being so sad…for some reason this was on my alt account. i’m not really sure why my first max char was on a secondary account


I remember playing rotmg on


i miss that so much :((((

also itani was a botter so he doesnt deserve rights


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I thought I responded to your post before but I guess I abandoned it :expressionless:

I miss the little wc open messages a bunch too…

And I’m really sad that Itani was a botter. He was around on the death fame leaderboard when I was really new to this game, and I was just so surprised that someone unnamed could get there. I always viewed him as some sort of top tier realmer, and even when I learned that everyone on the leaderboard was a botter I still thought of him specifically as just a good player, just because seeing an unnamed Ogmur knight made such an impression when I was new. Sucks that he cheated.


Throwback to when i used to religiously play Archer, And thought Frost bow was the best bow in the game (and rage quit every time)


before i used kongregate only to make random accounts cause i was smol brained and didn’t remember password


I assume that was the cheapest set you could get for exactly 4 def?

I don’t have any streaks of playing the same class as long as yours, but I think you can see the 4 def set pattern in this screenshot:

I also had a strange obsession with the item “An Icicle” which you can see part of in the picture. It’s something about those Oryxmas weapons.


yea the bow i bought for a life and i was always scared i would get scammed for it



PrO aS hEcK gUiDe To ThE hIpStEr


not sure if posted before but
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