Boomers thread ~Relive old memories~


I’ll never forgive Kabam for nuking the wildshadow forums. So many good times. I remember when there were like 3 or 4 major price guides that people would argue over for hours.




brooo the blue knight set!!!

a classic


Imagine having an economy with enough stability to actually have price guides. This post made by event spam gang.


Wasnt one of the old pricing guides published by a real world trading site so they could control prices. Can’t tell if I’m remembering it wrong.


Idk if that specifically happened but it seems like a dumb idea anyways. Price guides are suggestions, not scripture. Back then there was a lot of debate on prices as well so any attempt at manipulation would probably get some backlash.


I remember making new accounts and buying t8 stuff to get spd to try the “SPD TO ORYX SET” challenges…

I remember when the new nexus came out and running clands with a “pro” guild.
It seems so weird to no longer have such stability in realm’s economy :confused: I used to be a trader with a guild named The Plunder and we would always try and get as many ubhp as possible in a week as a challenge.


Just out of curiosity (I myself am not a mercher), how many ubhps were you guys able to get each week?


As a (horrible) mercher, honestly depends on how much you have to start with. Once you have enugh you start to make massive investments during events.


Guess who got access to their original account?

Getting this back Brought back some great memories of when I played realm for the first time during the middle of the Kabam era. And when I only had one vault slot (even had transformation potions still which is surprising).

Almost Makes me wish for the “good old days”, almost.


Welcome back Mr. HDD


Oh where do I start, abby treasures in white bags, Incs in white bags, Scammys in white bags… Max rare pet 6/8 blue knight set with nile farming abbyses to sell 8:1 for life. Every other pot was 2:1 def I was in the guild square enix with like 5 8/8’s and a few throwaway 6/8’s for shatters, life was good!

Square Enix was one of the most legendary guilds ever made, They held the #1 spot for ussw and ALL servers for like 2-3 years, all of the most elite players were in it, I remember grinding so hard back in the day to be part of the cool kids club back then. And by time I had joined I got my first event white, an oreo!


It looks like O2 is once again the only source for WC tops! ty DECA!


The Shatters also exists as a WC top location, and there are a couple other spots which DECA may have forgotten to remove them from. Other than that, though, he is again the main source, which is a definite improvement.


Really the only places I hated were the epic dungeons like wlab, cdepths, and docks cause with an event the price of tops would go to like 1 def a top.


rip me getting a random ppe top lvl 5 though


You can still get exa hp


Not sure if I’m reading this right, but the Shatters still having tops was intentional.
Thicket, however, was a mistake, and I think it’s easy to guess why that was made…
Toastrz privilege ù_ú


mgm has tops too >:( don’t ever drop for me tho


Yeah, my bad on the wording there; I was trying to say that the Shatters and WC are the only intended drop locations for WC tops now, and that any other locations are just accidental.