Boomers thread ~Relive old memories~


I’ll never forgive Kabam for nuking the wildshadow forums. So many good times. I remember when there were like 3 or 4 major price guides that people would argue over for hours.




brooo the blue knight set!!!

a classic


Imagine having an economy with enough stability to actually have price guides. This post made by event spam gang.


Wasnt one of the old pricing guides published by a real world trading site so they could control prices. Can’t tell if I’m remembering it wrong.


Idk if that specifically happened but it seems like a dumb idea anyways. Price guides are suggestions, not scripture. Back then there was a lot of debate on prices as well so any attempt at manipulation would probably get some backlash.


I remember making new accounts and buying t8 stuff to get spd to try the “SPD TO ORYX SET” challenges…

I remember when the new nexus came out and running clands with a “pro” guild.
It seems so weird to no longer have such stability in realm’s economy :confused: I used to be a trader with a guild named The Plunder and we would always try and get as many ubhp as possible in a week as a challenge.


Just out of curiosity (I myself am not a mercher), how many ubhps were you guys able to get each week?


As a (horrible) mercher, honestly depends on how much you have to start with. Once you have enugh you start to make massive investments during events.