Boomers thread ~Relive old memories~


I’d suggest some (maybe even all?) will have been deliberately equipped for suicides, rather than lose a more valuable Pyra or Nile for only the same %.


You guys remember when sprite wand wasn’t complete garbage?


I remember back in the day when I determined the value of tiered items by FP instead of tier…


there it is…







haha the guy buying ragetalon dagger and roc armor tho. I remember when they were still worth a spd or dex


Remember grave loots?
(for the newer peeps: back in the days when you died your stuff would drop into your gravestone and could be looted by others)

Also the beginners buying the Staff of Horror for 1 spd over at the portals in the nexus

Jeez those were the times


if its really from 8 years ago, weren’t ammies for fame a thing back then?


Alchemist’s Price Guide (2011)

1 def = 1 vit = 2-3 atk/wis = 3 dex = 6-8 spd

Tier 11 Armors:
[Robe of the Elder Warlock] ~ 3.25 def
[Griffon Hide Armor] ~ 3 def
[Abyssal Armor] ~ 2 def

with UT and T12/T6 items at 25-40 def
Tier 11 Weapons:
[Staff of Astral Knowledge] ~ 2-3 def
[Agateclaw Dagger] ~ 2-3 def
[Bow of Innocent Blood] ~ 2-3 def
[Skysplitter Sword] ~ 2-3 def
[Wand of Ancient Warning] ~ 1-2 def pots

Tier 5 Abilities:
[Tome of Divine Favor] ~ 2-3 def
[Mithril Shield] ~ 2-3 def
[Cloak of Endless Twilight] ~ 2-3 def
[Golden Quiver] ~ 2-3 def

[Magic Nova Spell] ~ 2 def
[Golden Helm] ~ 2 def
[Seal of the Holy Warrior] ~ 2 def
[Lifedrinker Skull] ~ 2 def

[Nightwing Venom] ~ 1-2 def
[Scepter of Skybolt] ~ 1-2 def

[Banishment Orb] ~ 1 def
[Prism of Phantoms] ~ 1 def
[Dragonstalker Trap] ~ 1 def

T10 Armors ~ 1.25 def
T10 Weapons ~ 1- def
T9 Armors ~ 1 atk/dex
T9 Weapons ~ 1- spd

[Crystal Sword] ~ 3-4 def pots
[Crystal Wand] ~ 6-7 def pots
[Cloak of the Planewalker] ~ 1 def pot

[Ring of Exalted Defense] ~ 8-10 def
[Ring of Exalted Health] ~ 7-8 def
[Ring of Exalted Magic] > [Ring of Exalted Dexterity] ~ 2-3 def
[Ring of Exalted Attack] ~ 1-3 def
[Ring of Exalted Wisdom] > [Ring of Exalted Speed] ~ 1-2 def
[Ring of Exalted Vitality] or [Ring of Paramount Defense] > [Ring of Paramount Health] ~ 1atk/dex

Expensive Items:
[Wine Cellar Incantation] ~ 20-25 def pots
[Amulet of Resurrection] ~ 6 incs
[Doom Bow] ~ 1-2 incs

with UT and T12/T6 items at 25-40 def


I’ve been looking for old price guides for some nostalgia. This one is before my time I think. When I started playing a def was 4 spd. Crazy how stable the economy was back then.


Back in 2013, my first ever 7/8 Warrior with the first and only Jugg I ever got. Funny story how I died with this character, so I was rushing an abyss and told my friends to wait, and then one of my friends decided to practice rushing and dragged a horde of abyss demons right on top of me when I was taking a break to regenerate my HP, to top it all off I then ran into lava, out of panic, which made me take even more damage and resulted in instant death, that probably was the funniest death that had ever occurred to me :sweat_smile:


Things that come to mind:

  • Multiple crystals per realm.
  • Rock crystals!
  • Stacked events were common.
  • Cheap one-hit deaths were more common.
  • Dyes and non-functional pets showed your support for the game. (I bought three pets, and felt betrayed when they became common drops)
  • WCs were big events and not just expected after every O1.
  • Players had to dodge all the time. No healing pets to lean on.
  • “hp” when you needed a priest to heal.
  • “ty brutus” was a thing.
  • The Great Duping Era. I never duped, but sure as heck loaded up on cheap juggs from others.

So much has changed throughout the years. I don’t even feel current on the newer stuff, having spent long stretches of time away from Realm.


Remember when we had GMs equally as noob-ish at the game?

Testing 2013


Maybe amulets were considered “too rare” at the time. A lot people would save up their fame to purchase an ammie and then use it to merch instead of wearing it.

It was much more profitable to just farm for tops and sell those, instead of saving up fame for an amulet. This was because an amulet was worth like 120-150 def, with tops at 25-40 def. However, one could just do a few wine cellars to get those tops instead of much more time to get the amulet. (in my opinion)


This brings me back… the coral rings on the coral sets… sigh such good times


One of these days I can actually leave my vault with this thing.

This pic says a lot about how on/off my activity on this game has been, huh.


heh, you can tell how off and off I’ve been on this game.

What is that item?