Border Glitch Or Pc Problem


When I Logged on to realm there is this border thing around my game idk what it is but it looks weird so I log off. Then Restarted my computer but it was still there and some buttons I can’t press like the friends I can’t see some of the chat, I know there is gonna be that 1 guy that says try o and p I tried that so much. The day before was perfectly fine does anyone know what I can do to try to fix this bug or problem by the way this is on prod.

help me


Does pressing Alt+Enter to toggle fullscreen fix the border issue?


no it did not work thanks for the suggestion


Can you send a screenshot of your game so we can help you?


Alt+Enter toggles fullscreen not Alt+Tab


this is the problem may not look like much but it gets worse as it loads in


That’s probably resolution. (does realm even have options for that?) When in game open up options and go to video settings and theoretically there should be an option for screen resolution. Just change that to whatever your monitor is.


Gotgot thank you it worked I can finally play back to normal tysm your a legend


Thanks, I don’t know how I didn’t see that mistake myself.


looked for the most relevant thread, so here it goes…
what is the point of full screen, if there is going to be a fog of war?

that’s a whole lotta blank canvas and empty space outside that black circle

I expected true fullscreen when I first began using Exalt.


I didn’t like it when that changed. I lived with it without ever complaining until now, but I miss being able to see almost everything on my screen.


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