Buff Assassin?


I find assassin super fun without ut’s. I’ve never used one, but I do have a murky in my vault. Also, necro and assassin are my favorite classes, and I find necro very fun, and I did so even before I got esben skull. You don’t need ut’s to enjoy necro and assassin


Maybe not for like t0 cuz I can’t see t0 cost 15 mp, but for t3+ poisons that’s a great idea


If you think assassin sucks without UT items you should consider being more

  1. Patient
  2. Better at the game


What exactly is its “specialized job?”

Assassin is literally just the wizard of dagger classes. I find it able to do its job quite well with its current stats – WITHOUT any UT ability. I don’t see how UT’s are necessary whatsoever to play the class effectively.

The existence of the class itself seems lazy in the sense that its a “run up, drop a spell bomb, back away” type class. It really doesn’t even need any stats at all besides an MP bar, since dropping bombs is its “specialized job” after all.

Its a “boring” class that can’t really be made dynamic no matter how stats are buffed or what UT’s are created. That being said, I love playing assassin for the same reasons I love playing wizard. They’re relaxed classes that do high damage from afar. Hell, give the assassin a robe and call it a buff.

To sum up what I’m saying, buffing the assassin will not change how the class is used. A buff will not make the class more dynamic. Rather, it will make the class unnecessarily overpowered. The assassin is what I call a “general” class, meaning that its useful in any scenario. One size fits all.


A tiered poison does on average more damage then a tiered spell


900 Damage VS 3000 Damage?


Only 3000 if you get a perfect spell bomb, not to mention that since it’s 20 shots armor is 20 times as effective and if a poison catches 4 enemies (not that hard) it does 3600 armor piercing damage that ignores invulnerability

So in a high amount of situations assassin can do his job better, however wizard can fight single stationary enemies better


ST spell Exist…


Your point are weak
1st : There is ST spell , Tablet
2nd : Spell cost less MP combine with wizzard High MP cap make it can be spam more often
3nd : AOE damage can’t do crap with most boss since there is only 1 boss
4nd : spell is far easier to land a hit when boss is in and out of invicibility


But unless you are landing ~9 shots per spell (normally only done on stationary enemies) then the damage per mana makes it a lot less mana efficient

Not for a good assassin


How good or bad of the class is factor by skill it needed too

If the class performance is really good but require insane skill to play then it not a good class


That is the worst logic I’ve ever heard


No it a actual logic


guys, 70wis is negligible from even 50wis unless you have a wismod class.


Ninja is a really good class with insanely high dps, and it’s difficult to play. If he wore heavy armor or had more defense he would be absolutely overpowered.


Assasin does really need a buff. The only place it excels is in Wine Cellars, which give mediocre loot. Assasin’s have very low survivability, coupled with poor DPS. Classes like Sorc, wiz, archer, huntress, and necromancer all have more DPS, Range, and similar defensive stats. To make assasin anything more than a hipster class it needs a buff, because it’s one of if not the worst class right now. The buff it received a few months back really didnt do much.


Except the buff did do much. It’s barely weaker than a trickster by a few attack and you not only throw out poisons faster, but also do more damage with them. There are so many instances where I easily outdamage most of the other classes because I not only have really good dps but I can also land my poisons and dodge.



prove me false.




But do people actually do NPE’s when they want to seriously play? Or are they for fun due to the fact that this game is a black vortex of nothingness?