Bugged santa?


so currently if you go to use2 Orc there’s a bugged santa and it wont die, so were trying to figure out how to close the realm by other means. The only option i can see really is have a mod come in a kill the santa but i might not know better. Any idea’s?


Noticed that too before. May have to do with the server not processing the Santa properly.


we figured it out


What did you do? I’ve seen this phenomenon before, and it’s quite annoying.


Presumably has to do with its Teleport behavior being finnicky when combined with the Piles spawning on top of unwalkable tiles.

From my understanding, what enemies “see” in terms of tiles is what was there prior to any changes to the map, meaning that the Appetizer will still see the (now walkable) patches of dark water around a Cyclops God castle as…well…unwalkable.
This is the same reason that monsters can seemingly “phase through” the walls around the Lost Sentry setpiece.


i showed some friends a clip of this, and my friend said this happened during a previous event w/ appetizer, too… he speculated it was because of hp scaling during a certain phase, saying when people enter the realm at a certain phase, it gets confused on what to do, and just locks up

(wish i can upload my vid clip)


That’s completely incorrect. There’s no way HP scaling can give a monster more relative HP (f.e. it may boost its max HP from, idk, 700k to 770k, but if its current health is 50%, it will still be 50% after the scaling and the Appetizer isn’t able to transition between phases by gaining HP, even if that was the case.


:thinking: i see


I remember taking on a sentry once by myself and it went form orange hp to green hp. (that was a few months ago, so it may have been fixed at some point in between). However, what about when people leave realm? what happens to the hp scaling there?

(ie if people leave does it go from 770k to 700k? or does it stay at 770k?)

Not that this is really related to santa, I just wanted to throw that out.


Yep, then it rescales again.
So, for a more concrete example, let’s say we’ve got an enemy with 20k base HP.
If three people are doing it, and it scales with 10% per additional person, then it obviously has 24k max HP. Now, let’s say one of them nexuses or dies, and the enemy is at, say, 12k/24k. It rescales, going down to 22k max HP, and takes the percentage its health was at, then applies it to the new max HP, to get 11k/22k.

The orange -> green HP is likely a rounding thing, where it narrowly rounds up or down based on its exact health.