Bugs on Macbook - Minimap and item sprites


Hello, some things are stupid broken on my Macbook. I first installed the game after the Alien Arrival update, and the minimap was broken and a constant shade of pink. Input lag was also horrendous, probably half a second or so.

I just installed the fame update build, and while input lag calmed down significantly after a minute or two of letting the game run, the pink minimap still exists. I also just found out that switching resolutions (fullscreen/windowed mode doesn’t matter) also breaks all item sprites in the game. Items in the inventory, vault, and gift chest all lose their sprites, text in the upper left panel disappears in the realm, etc. I didn’t test this when I first installed it so I’m not sure if that was a problem then as well. Items are all still there, but they don’t have a sprite. Projectile shots still appear normally. Going into the nexus or a realm/portal fixes this, but switching resolutions breaks it again.

Some pictures:

My computer is Macbook pro with M1 chip, so it definitely could be something to do with the chip, but all in all it’s rather unplayable currently. I can still play on my old laptop so it’s not a terribly big deal for me at the moment, but I wanted to bring this up. I haven’t played around too too much on my mac so I’m not sure if there are any other glitches/bugs, sorry :c


this blank inventory bug happens to me too on mac, but as soon as I enter a portal it clears up. I did have some issues with black screen in realm sometimes, but idk what’s the cause of this.


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