Burst Mechanic


The description in burst-fire weapons states a “minimum” burst delay, wich is very easy and straight foward to understand. The “maximum” burst delay is the part that, for the life of me, I can’t make any sense of. I tested out on 5 DEX, on 90 DEX, in every way I could think of and I still can’t see why this information is there.

My question is, if anyone understands this maximum burst delay and, if yes, if you could explain it to me.

Thanks in advance. (y)


I think its bugged right now and normally its supposed to work considering the amount of DEX you have.


I assume it scales with DEX, in such a way as to give a similar effect in DPS. Not too hard mathematically; if your DEX is enough to double your rate of fire, the delay between bursts needs to halve.

The limits then would correspond to the most and least amount of boost you can get from DEX. I don’t know if this is a correct description of it though. I’ve not done any testing, having only used the Chipper out of the Xmas weapons extensively.


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