Buy Fame


Everything is a currency of sorts…

Have a fame deposit bank in your vault

Def-Att = 2 fame

Life = 8 fame

etc etc

vs… how it is?


Yes, while we’re at it, how about we do UT trading!
Yeah, no. Encourages fame farming, which is already unhealthy for the game.


how else you get fame?

if not farming?

a bank, would stop it if anything


Okay, but…why?
Trading in items for fame, while certainly one way to fix the overflow of obtained items in the community, isn’t really worth it in any way.
I personally still believe that fame only being obtained from dying should remain the primary, if not only method of obtaining it.
Besides, what would you even do with it without a fame rework first?


oh, i meant in death…

but you pay for the fame in life…

a sort of life insurance i guess


By not suiciding characters to abuse fame bonuses and playing naturally?


do u have infinite time?

I need 50k fame to upgrade my yard.

what’s that 25 pounds sterling

or, 60 hours farming +?


I thought we were talking about buying pots for fame, not purchases for the pet yard?
Even then, something like the pet yard mainly only impacts you, while being able to buy pots in a market would definitely impact more than just you.


I meant a deposit bank in your vault…

You put in pots and it adds to your base…

Only an idea…

Doesn’t mean it’s correct. However, I would like other ideas as to how to change the fame system. Mine is not necessarily anything everyone would like.

But I reckon ppl would like a change of some sort mostly as fame trains are rare, and, as you say exploiting stat bonuses is a bit boring and doesn’t help co-op play.


It would probaly not work due to fame training, but we will eventualy come up with the right idea. (sorry for my spelling)


goes into #ideas then


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It is ‘game discussion’ as i am speaking about the current system as well.


I’m pretty sure that this counts as an Idea, but whatever.

We gotta wait for the Fame Rework, making ideas right now is kind of pointless because we don’t know what kind of mechanics the rework will unveil, and probably won’t work with your idea.


How does this fix the current system, then?

Currently, the main problem with the fame system is the way that it rewards people who repeatedly do one or two things that yield high fame rather than actually playing the game by participating in a variety of dungeons and other activities. Why explore and have fun messing around with other players when running in circles around the godlands or doing a bunch of LHs will yield so much more fame? The system you have suggested would only perpetuate this further by bringing people to farm for pots endlessly, targeting only the dungeons that have the greatest yield of the most valuable potions. It’s the same problem, just with a different name.


This idea reminds me of some [not going to be named “game”]. Yeah No, thanks.


Yeah, just wait a bit for the rework

Actaully playing the game

Hmm yes, 60 is equal to infinty, /s, but srsly if you want an upgrade work for it, barablazer has the legendary pet yard without ptraining and is f2p

Dude stop it, I dont think you understand how the forums and subforums work

Youre not speaking about the current system, and your main idea is an idea after all

In conclusion, your idea needs to be polished, or delayed, after all there is a rework coming, and you need to stop being rude


one last thing

stop talking

like this


wowee its almost like someones being playing a game other than rotmg for a while


OP’s idea sounds a bit like suggesting they turn feedpower into a currency, so instead of FP being only usable in the petyard, we could liquidise any item into FP, and have access to it to spend on other things.

Which I think could work fine as an alternate basis for a free currency.


That was my idea.

I started this whole thing by suggesting that all items could be ‘liquidized’ into a deposit bank… to be claimed upon death in fame