Caeleste is Recruiting!



We’re a guild of chill people who love to have fun. We’re looking to expand and get more members for guild dungeons, as well as increase our overall guild rank. :grinning: (Currently 44th after name change. We were Ruined and Reborn ranked 26th)

We have scheduled guild dungeons 6 days a week! (Including voids)


  • 10k Alive Fame
  • Speaking English. It doesn’t have to be your first language.
  • Should be able to confidently run Tombs, Shatters, and Lost Halls.
  • No Cheaters/Hackers
  • Must be active
  • Must have Discord and join the guild’s server.

How to apply:

PM Ghazdar, Soratar, Curative, CorruptNS, Atineon, Slickvenom, or Skyreminx in game or PM us on discord nitro4568#4615, soratar#3930, curative#7135, liam#0377, Gopes#1096, Cade#9030, or timepls#6180

Getting back into the game, LFG

You know you don’t have to constantly make a new thread for this? It’s been around one month and you’ve already made six recruitment posts. Feel free to bump a thread if you’re not getting enough new members and want it to get more attention.

Best of luck with recruitment! :heart:


Still looking for new members!


Still recruiting!


We still have 11 open slots!


10 spots left!


We have 8 spots left!


2 slots left!


1 open slot!


Currently 2 open spots!


1 open slot!


5 open slots!


Have only 2,5k live fame but still


I only have 8.5k alive fame and I play an hour a day, would that be enough?