Campfires Art Thread!


Oiii everybody! I’ve been getting into drawing recently and I am gonna post my art right in this here thread. I’m not very good, but I’m working on improving. To start off, I drew a piece of art requested by @Squeakwee of their adorable bunny character Chako

Chako has been caught in a claw machine!

Also, please do not be afraid to make requests! In fact, I encourage it. It’ll help me improve :slightly_smiling_face:
More art coming soon!




I didn’t realize you were waiting :flushed:


Niegil portrait.


Consider it done


AAAAA I LOVE IT ALREADY, She looks so adorable <3 Good job!


OMG!!! first of all i’m so glad to have my character as the first post on your thread, second I’m glad you got your own thread in general, but third I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! it’s so cute thank you SO MUCH <3<3<3<3 I HOPE that you have more confidence in your art soon because this is just too good. thank you!<3


Here ya go! I decided to mix it up and do it all isometric, if that’s ok with you



Hey! That looks like my 8/8 assassin!


Its big boy season, give Bes some love


Bes lovin initiated :heart:


Nikus, do it.
…please :3


Dragon boi on the way


Could you maybe draw a pally vs oryx? XD


Pally vs. Oryx comin up!


TYSM! :smile: I got the idea from when I was playing realm earlier. Everyone was doing Janus so I decided to go fight Oryx by myself on my pally and secure soulbound damage.


Big grumpy Bes getting some love from a friendly knight


The Goodest Boy, but drawn like Chako!


I’d love to see slime knight protecting a slurp! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: