Campfires Art Thread!


I love it, better than anything i’ve come up with yet :joy:


As promised it has been…

6 days! Yep! That is what I said…

I tried to give myself a deadline to meet for when I actually make the comic and I can do them like weekly or something, but I gave myself way little time for something that unexpectedly turned out to be a lot of work. But here it is bois and gals, a little single picture teaser for the comic I am making.


Awww hecc yea, this I gotta see when it comes out! One does not simply have a campfire in a Cland * w*


You’ll have a blast doing it for sure, but remember its for fun not for work, can get burned out at sometimes. Such a vibrant cast of characters as well, familiar a bit, but the stories they’ll tell are endless.

and we’re always looking for more stories to join together for the best crossover since Avengers:Infinity


You noticed I based most of them off my characters.
And I just want to be consistent, I had fun the whole time don’t worry

These knuckleheads will have campfires in the most ridiculous of places! But it’s not exactly a cland…


It’s that time of year! Our favorite little robot is singing Christmas carols to spread the holiday cheer!

(I started this a month ago but then decided not to finish it yet because it was waaay too early for Christmas stuff)


O w O


Love your style


Thanks! I always really liked my style on that particular piece as well, and it was in my earlier days too


That robot’s welcome in my house anytime~ uwu


would it really be singings or just playing carols from MP3s? If not, I hope its akin to the style of this.


Actual singing, but all digital sounding.

Also, realized I never gave this robot’s name. I’ve been calling her Mousedroid, but I may or may not give her a different name


I drew a bunny!

There are people out there who have a strong dislike for a yellow and blue color combination, but ya know what? I think it looks awesome so hecc anyone who thinks otherwise


I also 3D modeled an aluminum can

And a Staple Remover


First post of the year! I drew a mischievous jackalope boi

Also sorry for nothing in here or Candied Realms, this class has had me seriously busy



I’m no spriter, but I tried my hand at making a skin. I haven’t worked on it much, and I didn’t finish all the animations and such, but here it is.

This first one is the first sprite I got done for it

Here’s the rest. I made a few changes, mainly adding a red guitar on his back


looks like Ferb gone punk


I was trying out a new style, and then I saw this post so I decided I’d do it too!

I use an Apple Pencil to draw on an IPad, so my Apple Pencil is my weapon and my IPad is a companion that I’ve named Kindling. Kindling has hi-tech Octopus Subroutines that can enhance me to do things an octopus can!

ATT (meaning the average amount of effort I put into drawing) is on the higher side. DEF (how patient I am with drawing) is almost in the middle.
SPD is hecking low bc BOY am I slow. This actually took me a few days to do.


Still faster than Artist T.Rex.