Campfires Art Thread!


A casino robot! He’s quite the risk taker

Also I’ve decided I’m gonna try my hand at a comic series. Be prepared to see more in the next couple of days…


Breathes heavily

wipes away slobber



He’s not talking about my comic.


Reginald Nordstrom Gambler, or RNG for short.


I love it, better than anything i’ve come up with yet :joy:


As promised it has been…

6 days! Yep! That is what I said…

I tried to give myself a deadline to meet for when I actually make the comic and I can do them like weekly or something, but I gave myself way little time for something that unexpectedly turned out to be a lot of work. But here it is bois and gals, a little single picture teaser for the comic I am making.


Awww hecc yea, this I gotta see when it comes out! One does not simply have a campfire in a Cland * w*


You’ll have a blast doing it for sure, but remember its for fun not for work, can get burned out at sometimes. Such a vibrant cast of characters as well, familiar a bit, but the stories they’ll tell are endless.

and we’re always looking for more stories to join together for the best crossover since Avengers:Infinity


You noticed I based most of them off my characters.
And I just want to be consistent, I had fun the whole time don’t worry

These knuckleheads will have campfires in the most ridiculous of places! But it’s not exactly a cland…


It’s that time of year! Our favorite little robot is singing Christmas carols to spread the holiday cheer!

(I started this a month ago but then decided not to finish it yet because it was waaay too early for Christmas stuff)


O w O


Love your style


Thanks! I always really liked my style on that particular piece as well, and it was in my earlier days too


That robot’s welcome in my house anytime~ uwu


would it really be singings or just playing carols from MP3s? If not, I hope its akin to the style of this.


Actual singing, but all digital sounding.

Also, realized I never gave this robot’s name. I’ve been calling her Mousedroid, but I may or may not give her a different name


I drew a bunny!

There are people out there who have a strong dislike for a yellow and blue color combination, but ya know what? I think it looks awesome so hecc anyone who thinks otherwise


I also 3D modeled an aluminum can

And a Staple Remover


First post of the year! I drew a mischievous jackalope boi

Also sorry for nothing in here or Candied Realms, this class has had me seriously busy