Campfires Art Thread!


Also, I drew a friend’s character!



Butter slurp


Day 13 of Inktober: Dune

Wandering Samurai approaches some sand dunes.


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Yes! Finally! My internet’s been out for like 3 days, and I couldn’t post my inktober drawings, but now that it’s back on, it’s time to catch you guys up. Sorry for the delay.

Day 14 of Inktober: Armor

Shiba Inu pet likes it when you feed him some tasty armor!

Day 15 of Inktober: Outpost

The Box Rogue has built himself a box outpost. No Oryx minions allowed!

Day 16 of Inktober: Rocket

Astronaut knight arrives on a strange blue alien planet on his rocket!

(Oh and, thanks to @Craftable for helping me out continuing to draw)


Day 17 of Inktober: Storm

Warlock sorcerer’s going to light up the darkness with his storm scepter!


Day 18 of Inktober: Trap

A huntress has caught the crystal prisoner in her honeytomb snare trap!


Day 19 of Inktober: Dizzy

Caught between two mini bots! All the confusion is making her dizzy!


Day 20 of Inktober: Coral

I was drawing a Dark Elf Huntress and decided that I might as well make it @Squeakwee’s character, showing off some fresh new coral gear!


that is soooo heckin cute <3 thank you so much!!


Day 21 of Inktober: Sleep

Cute little bunny sleeping away. Be careful not to wake them up, they are easily enraged!


Day 22 of Inktober: Chef

POV: You’re a chicken in the head chef Bonegrind’s kitchen


Day 23 of Inktober: RIP

Rest in Peace.


Day 24 of Inktober: Dig

Steamhammer’s Mining Co. digging for some riches!


Day 25 of Inktober: Buddy

Guill invited his buddy Craig over to hang out!


Day 26 of Inktober: Hide

The cubes are wondering where the rogue is hiding


Day 27 of Inktober: Music

Little trout bard friend’s makin some music!


Day 28 of Inktober: Float

Limon the Sprite Goddess and the Sprite World floats among the stars!


Day 29 of Inktober: Shoes

You were expecting some shoes, but I present you the lack of shoes on the barefoot rogue!