Campfires Art Thread!


Heck they’re onto me
As I was about to post it last night I noticed I messed it up incredibly and had to fix it. Then as I was about to post it again I realized that it’s still terrible and I decided to fix it tomorrow. Then as I was about to post it earlier I found yet another huge issue. I basically had to redo the entire thing twice, and it has the most complicated design of all the other graves so that just added on to the annoying factor.


I’m trying a new drawing style right now, and so I drew a bunny! It didn’t come out exactly as planned though…



The Goodest… pumpkin?!!

Forum Halloween

wow this is really awesome stuff, I like your style
please keep posting


Omigosh, thank you!!!


I may [hate furries], but this is a very nice drawing, I especially like the shading that adds depth but isnt intrusive to the overall image :smiley:

the eyes though, they dont seem right.



Thanks! I think…

What’s wrong with them? They seem fine to me


I just get a little weird feeling since they’re kinda staring off to the distance.

that’s just me tho :d


trust me, campfires hates a lot of things
including me


Who are you?


his friend




Can you draw scarlet pumpernickel


Baby Oryx is cheering on his favorite gladiator at the arena! When he grows up, he wants to be a big strong gladiator like him!


Is that a Toy Knife? this is amazing


Why yes it is. It’d be awfully dangerous for a child to carry around a real blade after all


It does more damage than the average damage of the t0 dagger. Just saying


@Campfires, awesome job as usual, Lily really looks sick


Thank you!

On another note, heck it’s been that long since I posted some art in this thread? Kinda got distracted by school for a second… I’m not goin anywhere though, i’m doing a couple pieces that’ll be here by tomorrow