Campfires Art Thread!


The suspense!


Here is your spooky drawing

The Spectral Sentry roams the halls in search of lost adventurers, so he may reap their souls. It appears the Sentry has found his next vitcim…


A long time ago, I had an idea for a sort of “Elder realms” idea, but it was themed like my favorite dungeon (aesthetic-wise) The Candylands. I called it the Candied Realms.
The big bad boss of the Candied Realms was Fiesta, the pinata candy god. He and his legion of devoted pixie necromancers candied the lands and took Oryx’s fallen troops and Candied them into loyal followers. I had ideas like the candied Lotll would be called “Lord of the Lollipop Lands”. The bushes were cotton candy, rocks were rock candy, water was lemonade, etc.

I tried spriting Fiesta the Candy God, but I’m not really the best spriter… so I drew him instead!


I, for one, am all for reworking the Candyland Hunting Grounds to have a lot more features and reasons to go into it besides feudal attempts at getting a pixie and never returning.


The dungeon should just be renamed as the “Casino of Time”, because that’s exactly what it is now: You gamble away your precious hours in hopes of getting something worthwhile to take home.

Flagship quote: “Just one more boss…”


Quicc Shiba boi


Looks like the God of the Paw Patrol Universe :dog:


I HAVE A CONFESSION TO MAKE I have been obsessed with pinata art lately AND THIS JUST MADE MY DAY thank you CAMP!!!


I didn’t even know pinata art was a thing. There definitely needs to be more!


oh yes there definitely is and i met the love of my life recently and here he is


An ominous magical bunny gives off a strange purple aura…


cmere bun buns



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Why yes, RealmEye, I have indeed replied to Campfires thrice already, and I’d like to continue.


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A great thread


Thank you comrade Taun :grin:




Piggy trying to balance a coin on his snoot