Can anyone identify this green cube item?


FA551A2D-03FA-434E-97FD-FD4966B79A55 i’d like to know what it is. Anyone recognize it? If not, i’ll post more details in about 3 hours.


Is that in your gift chests?

I know that DECA has re-used ancient items and identified them as new objects, like this example with someone discovered wearing a T8 Helm, and the discussion that followed.

Perhaps you have a similar situation?


Aw it’s gone now rip

Yeah it’s an old item ID. It used to be the old unreleased version of Penetrating Blast Spell that costs more MP. During the CoO chest events about 9 months ago, the thicket chest dropped the wrong version of the spell for the first few hours, and i got one.

I kept it on a character slot i don’t use. A few months later, it changed from the spell to the “ART” placeholder, and after the summoner update it turned into this.

It vanished just now because i selected the character to try to look at it, so i guess thats the end of that for me. Maybe the green cube is just another placeholder? Could be that deca changed it into a disappearing cube instead of ART so that they’ll remember to not accidentally reuse it for a new item.


The green cube is a block that is located in the inner workings. Since it’s an environment object, it disappears once you load into the game.


Yes, but the inner workings was created a while ago. Why did it appear just now ?


Maybe something was changed because of the ARG, who knows.