Can BXP Potions Stack?


as you can see, i have 4, but i don’t wanna use them yet because the timer doesn’t stop if you go offline and i don’t go online for no more than 30 minutes, so i’m saving these for a time when i am online for 90 minutes at a time

this begged the question, do these potions stack if i drink all of them at the same time?


i am sure they work like lucky clover and loot drop and loot tier potion. If you use 2x BXP 33% bonus potion, you get this buff for 180minutes. It will work differently if you use 13% and 33% simultaneously. I believe that, you would then have two buffs for a total of 46% for 90 minutes, but I would be afraid to test


I’m afraid to test that too :smile:

they also work differently than clovers and loot potions because the timer doesn’t stop on these ones so that’s why i’m asking, hoping for an answer


the answer is no
i wasted a potion to find out :slight_smile:

before drinking a second one

after drinking a second one


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