Can’t nexus


I was fighting the red and blue behemoth and just can’t tp while I was paralyzed. It’s just so …


It happened too fast for ya to nexus?


By tp do you mean tping to players or tping on Trickster? And if you didn’t nexus, either you didn’t keybind the button or you just didn’t react fast enough. Nexus always works, so if you didn’t, well then…

skill issue


U can TP whilst paralyzed.

You are a blue star, so I’m inclined to say “Skill issue”


Do you mean “teleport” or “escape to Nexus”?
If you couldn’t teleport to other players, then it may have been on cooldown, or the player you tried to teleport to may have been cloaked.

If you couldn’t teleport using a Prism as Trickster, or Cloak of the Planewalker as Rogue, then you may have been hit by a Quiet shot, which removes all your MP. However, Paralyze does not stop this.

If you couldn’t “teleport” using a Sheath as Kensei, it’s intentional that Paralyze stops you from dashing.

And if you couldn’t escape to Nexus, then there may have been a delay in reaction time from the server, or you might have been pressing the wrong key. Nothing in the game is intended to stop you from Nexusing.


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