Can tablet spell fully spellbomb a [stationary] off-centered target?


Was having a friendly debate about this topic and wanted your input. I don’t have the tablet anymore so I can’t test but my reasoning was:

I was almost certain this was not the case and I didn’t bother to prove it before I died with it. I tried using tablet against ava (uncentered enemy) and didn’t “feel” like all shots were hitting. Also logically it wouldn’t make sense that all shots can hit an uncentered enemy since all the shots essentially follow the same trajectory as a normal spell (the boomerang action simply retraces the same path as a tiered spell, unlike the parametric patterning of para spell which allows full spellbombs on uncentered enemies).

My friend claimed he was able to see and hear a delay in the shots impacting target from the spell so idk.

For anyone confused, essentially when you press space bar spells will shoot outwards from the center of a tile. This means it’s impossible to have all the shots hit an enemy that isn’t perfectly centered on a tile, with the most infamous examples being skull, ava and certain chests (you can have your cursor perfectly over the enemy and still see shots miss from your spell).


Best way I could illustrate this over a set of nine tiles:
Crudely drawn, but that aside; the highlighted area here shows what shots (approximately) would hit the chicken here.
In this case, since the chicken is not perfectly on a single tile, some shots will miss, since the chicken - if stationary - doesn’t have its hitbox in that area.


Does that mean I win?


I want to take this time to explain why the pierce spell is so good.

Its shots are relatively slow, therefore against moving targets you are more likely to hit all the shots due to the enemy running over them.

So it is possible for an off centered moving target to get spellbombed perfectly.


That’s true, and I should have mentioned in the OP that I was specifically looking at stationary, off-centered enemies (since your point, albeit perfectly valid and reasonable in practice, could boil down to "hurr durr leprechaun-speed enemy durps into all shots therefour purrfect spellbomb 8-D).

Since poopys original claim was

the tablet doesn’t need the enemy to be perfectly on a tile, as long as the enemy is stationary, all shots will hit


I don’t believe that is the case. As far as I’m concerned, it’s impossible to perfect spellbomb a target that is off center if it stationary because the shots on the opposite side will never reach the target, so I believe you are correct in your argument.


Tablet would not make a difference against stationary targets. Since they are not moving, the boomerang shots will still be unable to hit on the way back if they missed on the way out. Tablet only helps when the target is moving around a little.


The reason I dont like tier spells is because you have to use more mp inefficiently to use your spells, the UT parasite spell rarely misses though which is why I love it.


I don’t know, but I can always get a perfect spellbomb no matter if they’re still or not with ancient pierce spell, either that, or it’s “a visual glitch” according to naysayers :stuck_out_tongue:


Damn that’s some saucy accuracy, I’d be amazed if I could get 50% of spellbombs on average xd

Also nvm I’m wrong @Poopythell wins uwu


The attack far pet faking the damages smh


kinda looks like it but idk


Having used a tablet repeatedly on some stationary enemies, I can tell you that either it’s really difficult or impossible. I found myself hitting all around it but never landing all the shots.


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:joy: look at this noob!

ok now that bullying candy is out of the way…i was just thinking about this recently again b/c i can’t for the life of me hit tablets. every missed tablet is -120mp and ~5 seconds of p a i n.

i noticed in poopy’s vid something interesting however. at 0:25 (i.e. the first spellbomb), not all the shots land. the subsequent spellbombs do (you can tell b/c the hp bar goes down a LOT more than the first spell), even tho he didn’t change his cursor’s position.

i think this is related to general issue with spells and fps/frameskips. its much better with unity now, but back with 10fps flash era chest events, it was near impossible to land any (tiered) spells even on a centered, stationary target. they’d just all miss.

also in this vid, stheno isn’t the “most” off-centered an enemy can be. i think ill test on an avatar since there’s numeric hp bars now, could maybe test “fire 100 spellbombs, how many actually hit 100%” type of thing

this is y i love para / fungal / genesis. no skill required :sunglasses:


power creep :blobcatree:


ok finally got around to testing on an avatar. note i don’t move cursor at all between spellbombs. it’s even more inconsistent than i thought xD

hm this clip is kinda hard to draw conclusions, but im fairly confident the number of tablet shots i hit between spellbombs was not constant. for example look at the delay in damage numbers appearing for the last (6th) spellbomb vs spellbomb #4&5.

unfortunately, exalt is harder to judge damage number than flash cuz stacked dmg numbers don’t “pop” out as much, and i forgot hp bar #'s weren’t precise.


The best way to test this today would be by taking advantage of the boss HP bars feature. If you know a stationary boss’ HP to the nearest digit, and you also know the damage range of a tablet, then you can arrive at a conclusion by observing exactly how much damage you do in one spellbomb.


Do you have any off centered, stationary bosses with low hp off the top of your head? In the video above, avatar has too much hp for the display to be meaningful (only shows up to 1000’s) digit. Maybe skuld, but then I have to do a cem :pensive: