Can you refund realm gold and if so how?


I searched on the forum and couldn’t find a thread talking about this, I don’t mean any sort of complicated thing, you bought the realm gold then realized you didn’t want it so you got a refund. is this possible?


new perfect idea man, buy realm gold, use it, and ask for a refund

Why would you ever buy realm gold and regret buying it a couple hours laters wtf


better than buying realm gold and not regretting it tbh


Respect Deca man, don’t refund it.


People do that; buy gold with PayPal, use gold, then charge back. But it definitely doesn’t put you on good terms with Deca who’ll subsequently ban you.

Your best shot is probably sending a support ticket asking about refunding gold.


A previous thread on this topic does exist.

TLDR: Don’t do it.


Misery boxes.


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