Candy land boss room trolling


Why doesn’t Deca do anything to prevent this?

The guy to the left afk’d for 4ish minutes in boss room, resulting in the boss not spawning and wasting peoples time. trolls do this for even longer and force people to leave or pay them items to leave.

It’s honestly a big problem in dungeons like CC that has to be addressed eventually :confused:


Just make it so boss spawns even if someone is at boss room, through make the spawn be after a minimum of 10 seconds so people don’t get shitted on by a Megarototo while picking up the loot from the previous boss.


Make the room floor blink red after 30 seconds of boss death and turn into sugar syrup that does much more damage than magma. Once everyone is forced to leave the boss can spawn and return the floor to normal.


But hackers could easily stay in the boss room right? Or is there not a hack that does that


Pretty sure godmode hasn’t been possible for a long loong time (if at all idk).


Huh, pkay then this solution is pretty good, but i think it should only turn to the magma after a boss spawner is killed


I knew this guy x)) he trolled us too in our candyland dungeon. i guess he has so much time in his hands.


Some people like to watch the world crash and burn, but some people want to,burn and crash the world, though I dont understand why they do it


probably because cland is a terrible dungeon and should be deleted


I agree

But maybe instead of deleting it, it gets a complete rework like LoD is getting.


just turn the pvp on


For legal reasons, no




I mean no pvp lel


Normal rottotos are easy to drag, and if you accumulate a huge group of them they can kill any 8/8 character.


Dragging is still morallly wrong


Just leave.

The dungeon works fine if you’re in a cooperative group. If someone starts up with this trolling it is not worth the headache. Run it in a proper group (what guilds were designed for) or via key in bazaar now there is /kick.

Oh and ignore the troller so you never have to interact with them again.


A great solution but seeing as how long its existed and no owner of realm has ever changed that element and attempted to fix

it seems like it will stay this way for the foreseeable future , a shame

yeah if only it could be as flawless as shatters or lost halls


Cland systen is a mistake, since the beggining.
Since The mahine with dc black tiles was a thing, just make cland like that.
That or just a total rework. Cland is the least interesting dungeon in the game. The boringland.

Also, thanks for showing that player. One more to the ignore list.


Deca has To make if you are able to vote kick in cland