Candy Land Rework [Proposal]


The new Candy Land has just made the cancerous leeching worse.

32 players in dungeon, myself and three others clearing (the extra one just wandered in and out of the boss room):


Since this is whine cellar turf without a discussion point can I propose loot drop counter that ticks down your chances of getting a drop.A bit like the air in OT. Only you increase it by hitting mini-bosses.

This may belong under the Ideas section but it seemed a little ranty for there.


sorry for all typo I’m french; you were lucky, I did some cland and we were more than 7 to clear,It didn’t go well… no boss spawned in 25 min because they didn’t understand that you had to be out of a room for monster to spawn, and the mob of player just stayed in a room that was a connection to other rooms, trash talking each other
but I can say since rework that it is way easier for the boss to spawn, since distance is no problem anymore, afk ain’t a problem anymore, the timer on boss assure all clearer now have a chance to a least drop one hit and the muffin was stupidly cute


too many people on clearing also bad ( unless they are rogue)…
cland right now actually a lot better than before, because no more troller (troll mystic still exist tho)

when this happen you are given two choice :

  1. bear it patiently till most people nexus/return to realm
  2. just avoid doing public cland. Public dungeons always a mess


Another thing that also doesn’t help is the quest marker’s slow update speed at times, causing you to miss bosses entirely without it being your fault.
The recent change was definitely for the better, but I agree that Candyland remains from being an actually good dungeon at the moment.
If only players weren’t so dang lazy…


J’aime les bananes et les dodécadrons


people would do this originally, you just normally wouldn’t get this many people in or even go into clands due to the ability to troll.


having more people “clearing” and wandering from room to room looking for the mini bosses would be worse than people leaching in boss room, the rooms all have the same mechanic as the pre-fix boss room, if people are in the room no enemies will spawn in the room.

instead of adding that incentive to clearing the current version, they should rework the dungeon in general and make it public run friendly

  • Much larger map
    - with the current map you can’t make use of the large number of players anyway, it’s far to small, having everyone attempt to clear currently will only make the dungeon more annoying, as it will constantly lock itself up.

  • Multiple boss rooms
    - the entirety of the dungeon won’t be sitting in a single room waiting for boss spawns, even with leachers it’ll spread people throughout the dungeon, which could be helpful when looking for clearing minibosses (when you run out of enemy spawns you could teleport to the other side of the dungeon to find more)

Deca could even make the dungeon useful at all

  • Make the items somewhat good
    -literally only pixie and fairy plate are good the white is useless


Agree, the dungeon has turned from troll-friendly to leech-friendly.

The slow quest marker refresh is a huge problem in the new version (I began keeping an eye on the map to see if the pattern of movement signalled there was a boss).

The ‘logical’ solution not to miss a boss is now to leech 100%. But at least those boss room leechers aren’t gumming up the rest of the dungeon blocking minion spawns so it’s not all bad.

The worst situation is now, if a guild or organised group wants to block the entire dungeon, they can, and hold it hostage blocking all the enemies from spawning until other players give up and leave. So yes, it’s still prone to abuse, just not in the same way as before.

As well as everything @HorusKane suggested, another solution:
The bosses could speak a line in chat when they spawn, and with the short delay until they become vulnerable, that would be enough for the clearers to realise there’s a boss, and TP back.


There could be a new “announcer” like Skuld in Cem, something candy related obviously but I think adding literally anything would be fine. Even “A Gigacorn has appeared!” would be enough.


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