Candyland completions not displaying on stats screen


Continuing the discussion from Patch 32.4.1 & Upcoming Events:

Now that it can be completed, Candyland completion stats want to be (re)enabled on the in-game dungeons completion stats screen:


I say (re)enabled because CL did used to be on the screen, despite not being able to complete, eg. see this topic complaining that the stat counter didn’t work. So it should be ‘just’ a case of Deca switching it back on now we have an exit.

The exit counter does appear to be functioning, I believe it shows up as STAT27 on our characters as I have done one through to Cupcake and exited, and now have it on my Muledump:


I will PM MrEyeball to see about getting it added onto the RealmEye graveyards and leaderboard data.


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