Candylands Hunting Grounds and Exaltations.


I was running around, leveling up a trickster when I happened upon a Candy Gnome. To my delight, the Candyland dropped exalted with the modifier “Bosses have a 33% chance to drop a food item.” I hurried in to check out my chances. To my dismay, after killing enough creampuffs to get the scrolling text that says “something smells fishy” I still had no food items dropped. I then continued by killing the other boss spawns in Candylands to see if it was just the creampuff. Once again, finding no food items at all.

I checked the wiki figuring “Oh, boss spawns in Candylands must not count as bosses”. However, the wiki does show creampuffs as well as the other boss spawns as bosses. Is this working as intended? If so, I understand considering the farming implications.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Sincerely, DrDurpy


Maybe Chef doesn’t work in CLand? Or you happened to be really unlucky? Who knows.

But what are you asking about the “Exaltations” part?


I think they changed the bosses to be mini bosses and the modifiers only apply to the cupcake. There were many people taking advantage the guaranteed stat pot when modifiers first came out so I assume they did it first to combat instant 3/8s but also to fix the other modifiers.


Correct! I checked it out in the bot channel, and sure enough (cut for conciseness):
Interesting to see that the XML also contains the type of loot it’d drop, here.


Bot’s XML is a bit outdated, they never had Boss (except Cupcake), but did have Miniboss. That’s why only Guaranteed Stat Pot was OP and none of the others, that’s the only unique mod that affects Minibosses on top of Bosses.

Now, all of the Minibosses don’t have Miniboss tag.