Cannot activate battlepass


I purchased gold to activate my battlepass and get the rewards before the next pass launched. I wanted to wait and see how many rewards I would get at the end before I dropped money on the battlepass. Now I am sitting with 1200 gold and I cannot activate the battlepass. I am very upset with this. Please help me. The option to activate the battlepass is there but it does NOTHING!


Wow, thanks for the post. I was about to do the same! That really sucks, maybe message DECA’s CS about it? They should have answers.


I have a different problem – I can’t buy gold as the UI is so broken as to be unusable. I put in a support request weeks ago but it’s still broken. I hope it gets fixed in time for me to buy the pass for the current season, with the coupons it includes I will be able to pay little or nothing for the next season. I don’t want to pay full price for that as bugs stopped me paying for the current season.


There are multiple reddit threads about this now. It seems to be a bug that DECA introduced as you can’t even buy the season 2 battlepass either. I’m very disappointed and upset. I hope they address this.


I had done the same thing, now sitting on 1200 gold. Via their blog post, they said something along the lines of, “As soon as one season ends, the next will begin!” for constant battlepasses. The Shop interface reads: “Buy/Activate the BattlePass NOW”, implying that you are able to do such a thing at the time. Both of these were misleading, leading to me purchasing Realm Gold to purchase the battlepass with only after I was certain that I had reached the “end” of the pass (Level 76, we were all uncertain with their communication) and after I worked through whether I thought it was worth it or not. At this time it was too late, and they didn’t communicate it.


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