Cannot see items when hovering over player name


the person doing it has to be a hacker, the person they do it to can be legit.


I saw that happen to multiple players as well. Their star rank and HP/MP is messed up and it looks really weird. Other times when I hover over their name nothing shows up :confused:

Found someone:


Doesn’t work any dungeon they go in even in nexus still the same.
The players with that “bug” are quite suspicious with most of them have their realmeye profiles private and I have seen some hackers I’ve reported before with that bug so it brings more suspicion to the table. Also I’ve found 2 more of these peeps don’t know how to screen shot with my cursor on them tho…

Both players’ profiles are private as well kek


You’re right, I see now that this is different from another glitch that I had believed it to be.


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