Can't buy realm gold?


Can’t buy realm gold through paypal, I tried to purchase 10 dollars worth of realm gold and I would get prompted to log into my paypal account and I did, and then it shows up “Sorry, we can’t complete your purchase at this time” I have a credit card hooked onto it and everything, money is on the card etc.


Well i mean, it would be nice we had like, you know, more information.


Sorry about that, I added more


Have you purchased anything with the credit card before? If so, did it work?


I have tried it yesterday, it works for everything else but realm. I also added 10 dollars to my steam account to purchase it off steam but when I press the 10 dollar thing on steam is just freezes the purchase and nothing to confirm the order pops up.


Ask others if they currently have this problem buying gold.

May seem stupid, but try refreshing the game/using different browsers. Actually fixed the problem for me once.


Nope no browsers have worked. still the same problem :confused:



We can’t help you with this unfortunately. You’ll have to contact Deca directly.

Here’s some help getting in touch with support if you need it: