Can't load into the Nexus


I haven’t been able to load into the nexus for about a week now. I waited to make a post because I didn’t really want to play. I have the new link for Flash Player 18, I can load the game and log in, but I can’t get into the nexus. I have Windows 7 if that helps. Any ideas would be great.


Have you tried going on realm on any other platforms such as browser or steam?


Browser works fine for me. That’s how I’ve been getting daily rewards.


Maybe try using Flash projector 29+. I use version and it works fine for me. I know many people say flash projector 20+ is cluttered with stuff but you could always reinstall flash. Give it a shot.


Flash 26 is giving me the same stuff. Thanks anyway.


The old flash projector link doesnt work. Use if you are not. Try that.


Can’t believe that worked. I thought I had that version. Thanks.


lol i use swf on flash, didn’t know you were using link


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