Can't See Exaltations/Graveyard/Dungeon Completes


I have it so everyone can see everything on my realmeye but even I am unable to see anything. It says I have zero exaltations when I’ve done quite a few exaltations on my character(s). My account is over 8 years old and I’ve died countless times but realmeye hasn’t processed my graveyard. Whenever I click “refresh” all I’m greeted with is the following: “We haven’t found any graves in your graveyard. We’ve processed ~100% of this graveyard.” Any help would be greatly appreciated.


This… happened to me as well. I had a 4/8 Pally died at Candyland back in March 2020 and Realmeye didn’t recognize that death until several months later (Fame Rework on end of November).

Exaltations issue… Well it takes time for such service to recognize it.


Did you happen to take a very long break from Realm between like 2015-2018 ish? My friend did and he doesn’t have a graveyard on Realmeye either. I think there was a weird update with things and if you didn’t play during that time it just won’t update for you. I don’t think there is any way to fix it.


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