Carnival Events [Feb 21st to Feb 25th]


Copied from an official Deca Reddit:

Patch 32.5.0

Oh look a brazilian thing


Wait, so the masks don’t work after the event? Aw


Wait, where is my pictures? I want picture book.

It is funny how stupid online I am, but actually smart in real life. :expressionless:


What do you mean by this?

Here is the graphic from the in-game news lower-right, so that’s one picture for you at least :slight_smile: :


It now got promoted to top image on the news:



Nvm I am dumber than dumb I found it

also Im glad I didn’t throw out my doorwarden shards


Time to get a Swimsuit Trix skin from an Encore 83


Thought it was a New Orleans thing, as the Mardi Gras tokens are a Fleur De Lys, which is an iconic symbol for New Orleans.

Mardi Gras itself is a French holiday, and New Orleans was.once a French settlement


i’ve never heard of it before rotmg.


It’s a Catholic holiday; in Europe, it’s called Carnival. Mardi Gras specifically refers to the Tuesday begining on or after Three Kings day. Mardi Gras itself is French for Fat Tuesday.


yes you’re correct. mardi gras originated in new orleans, and spread across the us.


SO after the event they’re just resk ubhps?? deca i just want time to rest after relentlessly farming valentines to get a million blue gems and nothing else


i got a million red hearts. wanna swap?


Brits call it Shrove Tuesday (or Pancake Day – pancakes here would be crepes in US-speak), the last day before the traditional Christian fasting season Lent Lent which always starts x days before Easter.

The description given in relation to Three Kings Day (Epiphany, in January) is a little mixed up, as it’s the carnival season that could be said to begin at that point, but the celebrated Tuesday is at the end of the season some weeks later.

Yep, sounds like it (2x are UBHP, 2x are UBMP). Which means you wouldn’t need to care much about farming them, I guess, if there’s no permanent additional use [edit: though I like them just for the collectable rarity aspect].


I mean pups are ez af so why not i guess


Aurum made those nice sprites once more. I saw him/her in game one time.

These masks are just reskins of UBHP Rings, with higher Fame bonuses.




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