Caught a Multiboxer


Hello I caught this Multiboxer in a shatters. My first time that I’m reporting someone,I hope I did everything correct. Also sorry for my english, I’m from germany :wink:

Is it correct to post this here? Or is there a special side where I can report Hackers?


Report to the support email instead of the forums, we tend to discourage hack reports.

Would link but on mobile.

Moved thread around… XML hacking is for well… not reports


Moving to #academy:questions-answers as this category is for XML programming.


Woah, it’s a rare species since multiboxers are dying off. Interesting to see one in the wild o:



You still see em every now and again


Saw one in the fame train yesterday. I guess they found another way to do this that goes around DECA’s anti-hack measures?


What anti-hack measures? xD
The only ‘‘anti-hack measures’’ in this game are other players with recording tools ;p


I saw a multiboxer in an ice tomb…


LOL they are so rare now.


Tune in next time for David Attenborough Planet Earth ROTMG Edition, where he’ll be having a closer look at the last of the dying species in the World of ROTMG, also known as a Multiboxer… Did you know, that they began when… xD lol



but ye, multis in the more-than-one-year-in deca era is rare as shit


Whom’st’d’ve Catchen’d the Multiboxer.


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