CDepths Faulty Spawn


there was a tile or two missing on one of the walls allowing you to access another room from spawn, and enemies from the other room were able to attack you.


Woah. That’s actually kinda cool, it would be an interesting feature


I think I saw that too! Actually reminded me of some walls in Ice Cave where you could take a shortcut by squeezing through


This dungeon appears to have a spawn ruleset not unlike The Hive, with odd squeezes like that, and even a few recorded instances of the boss room spawning practically next to the dungeon entrance with a faulty side wall opening.




This is intended. However, if you see a wall gap that leads directly into the boss room, that isn’t intended.


Anyway this is great way to shortcut.


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Crawling Depths, (reworked), Any % Record:

  1. KiddiKong - 1:01.93


Oh, damn thats fast


I just made that time up lol, but yeah it would be very fast. It could probably be possible with an optimized run and it leading straight to boss room.


Those I haven’t had. Never tried the recipe with the fermented milk lol


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