Celestrial is looking for new members!


Celestrial wants YOU to dodge those shots!

We’re a casual guild looking for active players to run with. We’re primarily PST-based in USW4, but we have members in both the US and EU. We frequently clear realms and pot farm daily, and we usually organize O3 runs and guild pops during the weekend.


  • Must speak English
  • Must be at least a Red Star
  • Must have/had a 2/8 character with at least 2,000 base fame
  • There is no age requirement to join, but you must be 15+ to speak in voice chat
  • Hackers/trackers will be beaned on sight
  • Must be active in Gchat and/or in the discord; no lurking
  • Must play on a regular basis (with exceptions)

How to get in:

Join the discord using the link below, leave your in-game name in #guild-application, and a guild officer or leader will get in contact with you to have you added in-game.



wait is this the old zavbot incorparated?


Technically, yes. Zav was completely inactive so the entire guild moved over without him so we could have a founder.


Funny enough, I just saw Zavbot himself in a secluded Realm. He ignored all hails from me (not surprised), but it sure piqued my curiosity! I got him locked.


Does the star really matter?


(The logic is along the lines of they’ve at least played a couple classes and still like the game enough to seek a guild and not drop the game after 11 hours.)


Yeah; I ended up leaving and ig it transitioned over.