Change the o3 3 runes system


i like DECA to change the O3 runes system instead of 3 runes require to open the portal
,you need only need 1 of the runes to match, how it work is there will be one runes pillar(RNG) spawn after O2 die, it could be shield runes pillar, sword, or helmet pillar, you still need 3 runes because you never knows what pillar you going to gets.

Why the Change?
A: change to the system it would be great for everyone cause you/people don’t have to seek discord cause it the only sauce to do O3.

B: Every one, every server and person (AUS,EU.AE server) can at least have a chance of doing one, instead of seeking discord etc, to do O3, so it will be fair for every one and the pubs.

pls think about this topic deeply.

Opinions on the Rune System?

Oryx 3 is supposed to be the hardest boss in the game. He is supposed to be difficult and hard to access. Not to mention that Deca intentionally made Oryx’s Sanctuary hard for discord groups to run, as there is a limited amount of runes.

If they did this, they would also have to decrease drop rates because if they didn’t, there would be a lot of O3’s and a lot of people with new OP ASF gear.


While I do get what your saying, I have to agree with @RaindropMM. For one thing, this was supposed to be done outside of discord runs. While I’m sure it is being done outside of discord, I for one don’t really use it for realm, and have been trying without success sense O3 was released to even get into the dungeon. At most I’ve seen two runes, so I think that this wouldn’t be too bad of a fix for the rune system.


The problem is the helmet rune only drops from Halls, and the drop rate has to be balanced around discord, making O3 near innacessible to realms since 99% of helmet runes will just go to discords


yes i get that Oryx 3 is suppose to be the hardest boss in the game but system leave other people be hide don’t forget that there pubs as well, because the only sauce to get and have a chance to do O3 is discord, remember this is rotmg where people help each other to close the realm to fight O1 & O2 but you can’t fight O3?! because the only means to do O3 is through discord?, so it would fair to change the system so everyone can at least have a CHANCE of doing O3. and when i’m talking about chance, it doesn’t mean it will be guarantee.

don’t forget that if one get a sword runes for example but you need other 2 runes to open it, that person probably would seek discord or whatever means and rendering the chance of other people in that server to get or have a chance to do O3. and that what i’m trying to fix


But, if you still need three runes, how does this make it easier? It simply makes it less predictable and harder to prepare for. I dont see whats wrong with the thing currently. (at least, in theory, havent actually played a while.)


i’m not trying to make it easier, am trying to give it a chance for everybody. for example if a person or someone have a sword runes, he and the groups defeated O2 and it spawn a helmet pillar, at least he still have hope that the next time he killed O2 there MAYBE A CHANCE MAYBE of spawning a sword runes for him, so everyone can do O3 with him and that are more fair. and maybe you should try to played in while and let see how many time you get to do O3(zero) cause you better hope that someone/somebody have the Three runes. and remember that helmet runes only drops from LH and how many randos/pubs do LH? almost zero.


The runes make O3 effectively a Discord-only dungeon, because almost no one has all three runes and the probability of there being three runes in a non-coordinated run are very, very small and the chance that three runes would be popped for an uncoordinated group with a slim chance of succeeding would be even smaller. This change would definitely solve that issue. Props to you for coming up with it


I told toastrz this several times and they didn’t make any changes at that time.

I don’t think this change will happen because this issue has been brought up so many times. The devs have seen the posts and done nothing.

Also I think the random aspect would force all 3 runes anyway because people generally don’t like to gamble.


Is that so? I see a lot of people liking the inherent gambling part of rotmg. Lootbags, dungeon room spawns and realm event placement, to name a few.

I myself really like the 2 latter, while never enjoying not knowing what you’re getting in the lootbags.


It’s not good rng if it has a realistic chance to worsen your experience for things totally out of your control
(IE how long ir will take to get a white)


Thats the risk that comes with gambling.


This is an all-around outstanding idea. I hope they actually implement this exactly. It also emphasizes the RNG aspect of the game quite well.


Thanks man, i’m just trying to make the system better and do what is best for everybody, so every one can enjoy and have fun, discord & non-discord(pubs/randos). cause when the 3 runes system came out i can see the problems millions lights years away, and the drops rate for these runes are very uncommon and rare already, but in the end is up to the DECA to change the current system for the better or come up with something better then what we have now currently. the only thing i can only do is provide the ideas and point out the problems.


That’s a highly self-centered way of looking at it, not everybody plays rotmg because of “gambling”, there’s things way more unique to it than RNG, which almost every RPG has.


Sorry, im still not following. What your saying is that its more likely one person has three of the same rune then three people have one of each? Also, If no “randos/pubs” do halls (which some do, btw), maybe they shouldnt try O3 until they learn to do the halls, hmm?


That’s the unfortunate truth. I think it’s a good way to force preparation and help to negate wasted marks to an unprepared crew. Literally my only complaint with the runes is that the Court of Oryx marks can just as easily be found in the realm… which once again lowers the enticement of going there. Oh well.


He is saying that there should be only a single pillar that spawns. This pillar would be RNG for which rune it would take. Much higher chance that someone will have the rune to open it instead of needing all three. He mentions that you still need to bring all 3 runes for 100% chance to get in because the pillar is RNG for the required rune, so you bring one of each just in case.


if you still not following what am saying you should read it carefully again. and also i said “Almost zero” that mean small percentage of people or minority of people doing LH like solo or for a challenge. “maybe they shouldn’t try O3 until they learn to do the halls” i disagree because the LH is one of the hardest dungeon in the game it donst’ mean that if you do LH you going to be good at doing O3 in fact some of the people(Veterans) have died and some of them have done lots of LH & Void and i mean Lots, just look at the recent death some have LH/Void gears and some done a lots LH. so i disagree that people should do LH before O3.


Excuse me? I know people generally dont play rotmg for the gambling, why do you have to remind me?. I said some people like gambling, not play for the gambling.

You’ve put words in my mouth man, not cool.