Changing my ROTMG name to someone's name that has been inactive for 6 years


I know there’s probably been many other posts about this topic, but I just want to know if there’s any way I can change my ROTMG name to an inactive account that has been offline for 6+ years.


If the account has at least one star, probably not.


I feel like if its been inactive for 6 year then it should have been swept up in migration. Who knows though.


ask deca about it. It is possible that they will do this, but I cannot guarantee anything


As @GBSlayer notes the migration has happened since then. It should be impossible for an account to be inactive for six years and still on the servers as all inactive accounts at migration time were deleted. An account that’s still around should be one which was transitioned though the migration, so was played at least minimally during migration (as to migrate you had to log on and do the migration within the game). Or possibly one that was deleted but which someone else registered when deleted account names were made available.


Yes, it is possible that said person privated their profile before sniping the name, in which case it would appear inactive.