Character death upon entering portal


As the title says, I was loading into the portal and was infinitely loading before restarting the game to a surprise of no character.
Edit- I understand it was a risky move to enter the portal with such small timing on the enemy’s shots, but I also know some things are server/client sided. The hp/death would have happened on the server side thus taking the shots first while on my client side it appears that I clicked the portal earlier (when slowed down) and the game would choose its timing first. I am not sure if the game operates this way though so anyone can correct me, that is the extent of my knowledge of it.

Paladin’s death on 7/5/22 around 10 pm MST


You took all of the Lucky Djinn’s final shotgun. You can still take damage after you activate/start entering a portal. It’s due to network latency, it takes a few frames for the instruction to reach the server and actually remove you from Realm. It shows you going in straight away which hides your actual death. Unfortunately the game seems unable to recover from you dying then, so often gets stuck requiring a restart, or at leat a reset connection to the server.


This happened to me too, about 3 months ago. I was very confused as to what happened, as this was my first death coming back to Realm (that character was 6 years old).

You can discuss it with support if you want to try getting your lost Paladin back, and they might revive your character. Although, when I sent a help request in confusion, they didn’t offer to revive my character or even clear up what happened after I provided all the details. I was left to piece the answer together myself.
(On a side note, Realm’s CS seems very cagey about details when it comes to network issues.)

In this case, it’s more obvious what happened, Skandling is correct – you took all of the returning shots right before entering the portal. It might be wise to wait for shots to clear in the future, especially if you play with sub-par internet, or on a server with a good amount of distance from your location.

Sorry this happened, it really sucks :confused:


My man, you took 900 damage.


Yeah, I think it is kind of interesting though, since when you go to Oryx your character is invincible, so I assumed the same would apply for entering a portal.


The Oryx invincibility is special; it’s applied throughout the Realm, so in dungeons too. and is meant to protect players from lag that’s experienced both in Realm and in dungeons as the Realm is reset.

There’s also TP invulnerability when you teleport to another player, for when you TP into a godwall or other death trap. There’s nothing when you go into a dungeon though. Generally dungeons are designed so entering them is safe, though some are riskier than others such as Crawling Depths.


based set to die on in glands


Thats what you get for not having a tiered seal.


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