Character Folders


This is very simple.
I want character folders, so I can seperate characters and have folders be closable, so I can put all of my trash throwaway characters into a folder and put all of my good characters into a folder. I’d also like a character namer, so I can name my characters like “Full-Skip Void Mystic” or “Tomb Trickster” for example.

Edit: Adding onto this, character IDs would be nice because (specifically realmeye) would be able to identify my multiple of the same class


Simple and useful, I like it (mainly the character namer).


I would love this just so I wouldn’t have to count out the amount of each class I have when deciding to make a new one.


shld be able to fav chars as well. They appear at top of list.

Altho this would only work on ppl with mahy char slots.


tbh this whole thing would just be for people with tons of slots


That’s anyone who’s been playing for a while though. I bought the Beginners Pack when I started so got two slots from that, on top of the 1 free you start with. I now have 29, so 26 free down the years.

Most of those were accumulated in the last few years, as DECA were the ones who made char slots a regular giveaway. So anyone who’s been playing since DECA took over could have 20 or more without spending anything.


Yeah, as a F2P since 2014, I have 14 char slots, and that was missing many, many of the end-of-calendar rewards back when I didn’t have consistent access to a computer. I think it would be a swell QoL, even just for fun.


I agree that this can even be relevant for F2P players, but holy smokes for those whales of us out here it would be a huge QoL update. I purposely leave around 15 of my slots empty largely because I find it frustrating to scroll through everything and then I forget which characters are supposed to be PPEs or which characters have whatever fame bonus… They have been using the same character selection system for ever and it is honestly so bad.

And naming characters is something that should have happened ages ago. I understand the in-game display may have to have some sort of discussion since right now you are identified solely on your account name, but even if the character names are only something you can see for yourself it would be nice to distinguish your characters from each other.


Watch some dudes’ Realmeye total Exp goes stonks if this get implemented.


most likely japan and people will gain a lot, but i know there’s gonna be some guy with 50 wizards also

edit: also if anyone knows how to actually get deca to see this post (besides just luck that one scrolls here) then they should do it because so far feedback seems great for this.


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