Character List Not Showing Correct Stats


As shown in the provided pics… in this case, the Bard that is shown as 7/8, but that’s really 8/8


With this specifically pertaining to mana, it’s pretty likely to bee fixed with the next release.

As for the statistics panel showing unmaxed stats if you keep focus on it while a temporary stat boost runs out, or how it shows a maxed stat when your exaltation bonus pushes your stat to exactly its cap…I dunno.


It also exists for hp too, dunno if it’s on the character select screen but if you use a negative hp item without an hp item to balance, it appears as though you don’t have maxed life


This has been a bug since the vault update. I can’t get the devs to acknowledge it lmao

Edit: Incorrect stats shown in character selection menu



I don’t see why they’d need to announce that they’ve potentially fixed a bug before a release.
Just because there’s no acknowledgement doesn’t mean no one sees them - yes, I agree that it can be frustrating to keep repeating an existing issue; obviously it’d be ideal if a dev could somehow respond by mentioning it being in the backlog, or it’s being looked into, etc..
But for the moment, just bear with the fact that things will get fixed once they get fixed. u_u


I don’t believe that’s a fact we can rely on