Chasm of Great Evil


Turns out that Redox was just temporarily dead.


Let me get in on some art :slightly_smiling_face:




Gg redux ain’t here no moar


This could be pretty neat when its done! :smiley:

Although honestly I feel like the Binding of Isaac referances are way, way too much. I get that this was inspired by it and they’re a fair enough starting point but I do sincerely hope this develops away from the more obvious links, like homing projectiles, bombs, Envy and the referances to the Lost - it would benefit from its own personality!

Furthermore I feel as if the new loot is excessive! The Lost Halls was bad enough, and many of the items (just look at Seal of the Boastful for example) are highly overtuned while others (like Venomous Blade for example) seem rather bland. Descriptions may also need some work in my view, although the sprites generally themselves are impressive!

I look forward to seeing this when it is finished c:


I personally don’t see the references to the Lost anywhere, as at the time, I hated that character with a burning passion. I only really give direct reference for Envy due to the fact that it would make for a very interesting fight in relation to others, considering that no boss splits into two. Other bosses using bombs is only a light homage to it more than anything. They might change in the end, considering we’re making sprites that go in a completely different direction than I intended on them - in a good way, of course.

I did already explain a lot of the new loot, of course, in a response to @EpicNecros. (Mainly why there’s so many drops, and why some are the way they are.) I wanted to have certain items have a uniqueness to them without going “OH THIS WEAPON HAS A SHOT THAT FIRES AT 33% WHILE THE OTHER FIRES AT 200%”, rather just having them inspire a unique playstyle. The Venomous Blade has its own niche in comparison to the Queen’s Stinger Dagger by having much more damage and a bit more range/RoF while taking away the pierce. Every item fits into what the general idea of the enemy that drops them, even if not down to the T. An example of this would be the Pterasitic Bow, which gives homage to the Parasite Chambers’ Horror Maw.

As for the descriptions, I may work on them later, as some are much more lavish than others, of course. (This is mainly for the set items, rather than the individual items.) Only one that I can say won’t change at all is the Bracelet of Shadows, because there’s a little “message” in there if you read it a certain way.

And boy, it would definitely be nice to get some advice/pointers from you on the whole thing, considering everyone is like “OMG PUFFAGOD PRAISE BE UNTO HIM”. I won’t try and force stuff, since you did give pointers in your post already.

Cheers! :beer:


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Where does this drop from, I didn’t seem to see that anywhere


You didn’t see it because I didn’t place it anywhere. This is a Work in Progress, meaning that there is not yet an event that this would drop from, or even a design for a key.


OK, is that something you are working on or no?


Me and the team of people that have volunteered/been asked to help are working on the dungeon rather than an event it would drop from. We’ll worry about the event later.


oh ok.


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As this is currently a WIP project, I’ll abstain from talking about it until it’s 100% complete.

It’s looking pretty good so far, but it’s definitely lacking in details, especially for the bosses and enemies.


And that’s precisely why it’s under WIP. Others are helping with the enemies right now, since I can’t do them for shit, tbh. It’s still going together smoothly!

(Though, I’m mainly curious what thoughts for the items are. Considering, y’know, they’re all complete. lol)


I’d prefer to take a look at them in the context of the complete product. Plus, I don’t exactly have a ton of time to do stuff like that as of now.