Chat "mute" bug


Didn’t see a thread on this yet, so I’ll post it here to spread awareness since apparently a bunch of players have been running into this problem.

Recently, people have been reporting that they’re unable to properly chat in-game. Apparently, they can see their own messages, but no one else can. I went to test this myself and was able to reproduce this issue on my mule, but not on my main account.

The issue occurs after repeating the same message twice in a row, on accounts that are susceptible.

As seen in the image, the second message fails to show up anywhere other than the affected account’s own chat, and any subsequent messages have the same issue. (ignore the first message sent by the mule, I forgot to turn star reqs off initially which is why my main didn’t receive it lol). Regular messages and private messages are affected, guild chat works fine regardless (messages will show up properly there)

There’s also another quirk on a “muted” account where it can “message” anyone regardless of if they are online or not, and capitalization is not corrected if it doesn’t match the actual capitalization of an account name (probably because these messages are never actually being sent):

After approximately 15 minutes had passed, my mule was able to send one message successfully; however, the next message failed to properly send, and my mule was most definitely “muted” once more (I don’t know if it was muted because it sent a message that was identical to one I had sent earlier, even if not directly following that message, or if just any message was enough to re-mute the account). This time, the account stayed “muted” for over 15 minutes, and at the time of this post being written is still muted.

Even though I think the most likely cause of this is some sort of new anti-spam filter in place, I’m filing this as a bug because this behavior is… overzealous, to say the least. It appears to affect accounts up to at least 18 stars (as someone told me they were experiencing this bug on their 18 star main account, and none of the yellow/white star players I was testing this with were experiencing it). This basically makes cems unplayable for players at or below that star level unless someone else is able to chat (as Skuld does not receive the message if a player is “muted”, and you have to say “ready” multiple times as a part of the dungeon mechanic…), and a player afflicted by this overzealous filter for any innocent reason cannot receive pots from Guill, communicate with other players for trading purposes, socialize, or basically do anything chat-related other than use guild chat.

EDIT: uh never mind affects presumably all accounts irrespective of star count. I believe what I did on my main (unintentionally) was type too quickly; I was typing a message, then after sending that message responded pretty quickly (press tab to toggle /tell, pressed “o”, pressed enter), then apparently none of my /tells were showing up from that point onwards. I did notice that the original “o” got eaten and did not show up in my chat either, which is slightly different from what my mule noticed with the other way of triggering the filter (where the message stayed, but only in the chat of my mule).

send help plox


There’s for a while been an automatic soft block of chat where if you spam the exact duplicate message too often, you see it on your screen but others don’t.

So if you were spamming:
S> Golden Bow for Def
S> Golden Bow for Def
S> Golden Bow for Def
S> Golden Bow for Def
most players only receive this chatline once or twice.

And more recently they must have been working on spam blocking, because there’s that new yellowchat warning “You are sending too many messages”.

But I would surmise from the way you’ve described this bug, that they’ve altered spam detection so it now is working a lot more strictly, remembering words or messages for a duration, and affecting our chat for longer.

I mean, I’ve certainly not needed to ignore any shop spam in the last couple of days so that side is working. Though maybe the slider has been moved too far to the ‘strict’ setting, if people’s actual normal chat is being affected.

Out of interest, did you get any of the “You are sending too many messages” warning while you were testing this?


Nope, I never saw the “You are sending too many messages” warning ever. I guess it makes sense that I didn’t, since my mule only sent 2 duplicate messages in a row, and my main account never sent a duplicate message (it just typed probably too quickly).

I’d like to test it out more, but it’s a bit limiting as I only have one mule, and the mute times seem to exponentially increase (one person has reported that they have been muted for over 8 hours now…)


It’s such an odd bug(if it’s a bug at all, might be intentional) my messages are now seen but my account on Kongregate is still ‘muted?’ it has been 6+ hours. I believe the spamming of the same message to be the culprit but could be wrong.


Update: Both my accounts working fine until I load my mule in from Kongregate, all of a sudden both accounts get ‘silenced’ just for being in the same server/place as eachother, only thing that could have triggered it.


I’m wondering if that’s happening to accounts with lower star count, since my main was able to talk while my mule was not, which is a different scenario.

The filter is probably even more harsh on accounts with lower star count, since accounts below at least 18 stars can get muted for saying the same thing twice, while higher-star accounts can’t get muted from that (at least from my testing). So it might also mute all accounts logging in from that IP with low star count, but I’d have to make another mule to test that since I only have the one at the moment.


It sounds like it could be a push against multiple accounts being run from the same computer (I guess many of the spammers do run multiple accounts in parallel).

Does this bug only occur when you’re trying to play on more than one account simultaneously? Maybe it’s one of these cases where Deca knows it has this side-effect to non-spammers, but they feel that players aren’t really supposed to be playing on multiple accounts anyway, so they might not be in a rush to fix it.


I don’t believe so; my main got muted after I gave up on waiting for my mule to be unmuted. I was trying to chat with a buddy (he brought out a mule to test as well) just with my main and accidentally triggered the mute on it. I wasn’t logged into any other account at the time.

So at the very least, the one caused by typing too fast can presumably happen to everyone. It’s possible that the one caused by repeating the same message twice could be exclusive to low-star accounts if you’re running multiple accounts at once, but I’ve personally seen so many reports recently and I doubt that all these people were running two accounts at the same time when it happened.


at least people won’t be able to spam the fucking chat in realm with fifty individual calls of one insignificant dungeon anymore
Jokes aside, it’s likely an anti spam made waaaay too strict on people as was already mentioned. If normal players are being affected this bad then uh might be a good idea for DECA to take a look at their code


OHH, so thats why i can’t chat anymore. How long is the mute? I get that spam is annoying, but why does it affect the trade server and why is so strict?


From my experience, it seems to be around 15 minutes the first time it happens. I don’t know how long it is on subsequent mutes, other than it is pretty long.


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