Cheated top dead characters by X completed


Can cheated top dead characters by (x) completed be removed? Players like “Evilperson” on the wiki with over 952k abyss of demons completes at only 140BF should be removed from the ranks. Kind of ruins motivation for those people that would like to go for a high amount of completes. That is all.


It’s something DECA is aware of (though currently seeming to put off with bigger fish to fry), but in the meantime, let’s not offer up names for anti-witch hunting purposes, please!


I would love to see these accounts and stats removed & corrected. Furthermore I really want to see the stats, exaltations and dyes fixed. Please! I love this site so much, I hate seeing it getting neglected like this…


Yes, we all do! The thing is, that’s a lot easier said than done.


I think in this case naming people makes no difference the description of the problem pretty clearly identifies the people in question since you can look up abyss completes yourself and see the problem.

Also while it’s something deca is allegedly working on, the suggestion here is for realmeye. OP wants suspicious stats removed from the realmeye rankings.


It’s more about the principle than the effectiveness, in my mind.

As for the other point, Realmeye is still tied to the game, so it would seem to me that it would continue to reflect whatever Realm is telling it to show, unless the mreyeball wants to manually block players. There’s some ridiculous numbers out there for sure, but where’s the line to decide who stays and who doesn’t? That seems like a daunting task to undertake.


Clearly cheated amounts of runs would be quite easily picked through, some of the main ones have 10,000+ runs with little to no fame \ characters or stars making it impossible to be done.


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